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Posted by on March 17, 2016

Seamus O’Reilly hasn’t paid up to Leo Forte’s stupid band, ergo they line up their asses and make him crawl in on his arms and knees, besotted as they bury his phiz in between their jowls. Seamus gasps for air as he’s keep down to eat hole, just as time tormented with the electric light zapper. The gang ties his boyhole up as they line up their kinky schlongs to perverse Seamus’ tight crack. The youngster entreaties for quarter but anything he receives is a hitting on his feet as the guys stay to ram him up the rectum. Seamus is thereat Bent above for other round of pounding before the nerds shove a beer bottle up his ass and roar at him as he squirts it everything more the housing. To orgasm him off the nerds flow him with semen and piss before ending him tied up, soaking watery for the cops to find. gay bondage blog

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