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He has a special warehouse where he likes to take his boys and make them cry out in pain and pleasure, making their cum flood out and splashing them with his by the time they are done! He is one real kinky fucker!

Gay bdsm spanking

Gay bdsm spanking Gay bdsm spanking

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Olie Jay gets serviced and pissed



Brit twink Oli Jay is tied down to the table, his smooth and lean body vulnerable to all the kinky delights Kieron has in store. He begins with some wanking and sucking, tasting the boys hooded dick and getting him horny. Then it’s time for the splashing wax dribbling over him. That’s okay though, because Kieron has a massive flood of piss that will help cool the boy down before the dom cums over his cock and uses his jizz to jack out the boys semen too!

Finally he shouts his load right into the face

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After he got brutally deep-throated he stumbles out of the bathtub and has to lay down to get fucked one more time. The soldier can see the terror in the boy’s eyes but he wont show any mercy. After a long and hard fuck Derek shoots his hot load directly into the boy’s face. He finally eaves him alone. Used, naked and humiliated – but free at last.

Prisoner is brought into the wet room

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Prisoner is brought into the wet room where a sling hangs ready. He climbs in and Sir Pan proceeds to fuck him with a baton.

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Sir Pan chains the prisoner

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Sir Pan chains the prisoner standing in the center of the room, then ensures he won’t be moving by plugging his ass with the anal hook. Then Sir raises the height so the prisoner must stand on his tiptoes. Sir edges him for almost an hour before removing the hook and denying the prisoner permission to cum.

He gets brutally deep-throated and fucked

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He throws a brick of soap into the bathtub and the boy starts to wash his body. “Don’t forget your hair, my little toy-boy!” Derek grabs the boy’s head and starts to shower it. Marvin can hardly breath but the soldier’s strong arms keep his head under the hot water. Then Derek starts to rip the pastor’s son’s shirt. “Kneel down, kneel inside the tub and suck me!”

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Sterne paddles the boy’s smooth ass over his tighty-whities for a long while the gets the hard hand spank treatment on his smooth bare bottom. gay men spanking..

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His aggressive master started to spank him

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Kyril is still stuck in this shopping cart. He likes his slaves having a red ass. But after a while he takes the boy out and puts him on the floor. Ass up and ready for a fuck. The strong sprayer-guy pushes his hard dick deep into the boy`s cherry.

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Josh might be knew to all this kinky cock action with other guys on video, but his dick definitely can not deny that he is enjoying himself with all the attention he is getting. This sexy young man has a pretty meaty dick and a hot ass too, and he likes to think he can take anything, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!