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Heinrich Phillips”The Fearless”Ht: 5’10” WT: 150lbs Season W/L record ( 0-0)Tyler Sweet”The Terror”Ht: 5’7″ WT: 135lbsSeason W/L record (0-0) Raunchy stud Trent “The Terror” Sweet brings his cocky attitude to NK in his very maiden contest. His opponent, Heinrich “The Fearless” Phillips, is also a newcomer to the ranks of NK. gay pro wrestler.. Fearless is known for his tense pain threshold and even reaches some Tae Kwon Do background. The Fright doesn’t seem threatened although, he observes Fearless is just a scrawny goofball who’s butt is leaving to have chevelure, and just now Fearless is done worshipping his shaft, The Terror’s going to ram his grave shaft up his bum. Likewise fighters come outward, dicks shaking with perverse determination in their eyes. The Fear quickly receives Fearless in a nelson but Fearless becomes back and shoves his mammoth boner in The Terror’s physiognomy. The Fright doesn’t give up albeit, he’s relentless with his exploit of cradles. Also fighters struggle with raging rough rods in the third round but only one can be named the victor. gay pro wrestler..

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