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Doug Acre”The Destroyer”Ht: 5’6″ WT: 150lbs Season W/L record ( 3-0)Marcus Ruhl”Titan”Ht: 5’11” WT: 210lbsSeason W/L record (2-1) The last grace final contest of Naked Kombat’s Summer Smackdown Tournament is exactly heating up and this bout is the pure definition of “David and Goliath”. gay sex wrestling In the purple corner we have Doug “The Destroyer” Acre pilling on the mountain of bisep, Marcus “Titan” Ruhl. With again a fifty baste weight difference The Destroyer in reality receives his work snip outward for him. As the match began these two everything stars assault at single various, The Destroyer application his leverage wisely to flip The Enormous again his shoulders and lock him in a depth cradle. The Mammoth slams his torco weight onto his smaller opponent and pulls him outside in a entire nelson till yanking on The Destroyer’s great shaft. gay sex wrestling

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