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Morgan Vaughn”The Machine”Ht: 5’10” WT: 180lbs Lifetime W/L record ( 0-0)Rich Kelly”The Wrecking-Ball”Ht: 5’11” WT: 165lbsSeason W/L record (0-0) Two brand further studs beat out their dicks, ready to battle for the exactly to face-fuck. In the purple corner we have Matthew “The Machine” Vaughn, The Auto receives been choosing to battle on NK for quite few life thereat, and he’s get up to let outside everything the anticipation he’s been building inside. His opponent resisting in the blue corner is Rich “The Wrecking-Ball” Kelly. The Wrecking-Ball thinks his opponent is whole bisep, no brains, he’s going to receive no difficulty extract him down. The Motor is assured albeit, he plans on using his measure to overpower The Wrecking-Ball and allow him the old “ground ‘n pound”. hot male wrestlers

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