muscle wrestlers – Elimination Round

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The elimination rounds of our Summer Smackdown Tournament are visiting to an stop, so far, John “Cut-Throat” Colter, Eli “The Hammer” Hunter & Mitch “The Machine” Vaughn gain everything supervised their postures in the charity ultimate rounds, but only single expanse remains. Become in muscled gods, Marcus “Titan” Ruhl & Billy “The BodySlam” Santoro leaving toe to toe for sensual dominancy. With overall muscle on their brink, these two hunks imagine they every gain what it has to robbery the gold belt this year. Huge may earn the weight profit on his opponent but BodySlam is again than assured his vicious leg locks will win him the victory this have fun. Which of these hunks will prove to be the victor and motion single step nearer to earning the title of champion? Till the various gets his ass manhandled outward of the tournament with a face crowded of jizz. muscle wrestlers..

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