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Joseph Colter”Cut-Throat”Ht: 6’2″Wt: 195lbsSeason W/L Record (1-3)Dirk Caber”The Claymore”Ht: 5’9″Wt: 200lbsSeason W/L Record (0-0)Jesse “Cut-Throat” Colter is back on the mat to improve his record but NK newcomer Dominic “The Claymore” Caber is the single standing in his track, hoping not to notch a loss with his first sight. With 4 matches under his thong, Cut-Throat knows how the NK moment system works. And albeit Claymore brings several traditional wrestling feel, that earns never tried to be an benefit till you place bum punishment, ball capturing, and rod sucking into the range of legal moves. Cut-Throat aims to win and plans on a spank humiliation shag to culmination outward the day.

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