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Dirk Caber”The Claymore”Ht: 5’9″Wt: 200lbsJessie Colter”Cut-Throat”Ht: 6’2″Wt: 195lbs Naked Kombat is haughty to present the beginning of our 2014 Summer Smackdown Tournament. Beginning off the elimination matches we earn Dominic “The Claymore” Caber taking on Jonny “Cut-Throat” Colter as they struggle scrotums to the wall for a lot to motion single step nearer to the gold belt. These two muscled hunks earn fought before, with Claymore owning Cut-Throat’s hole in the porn round. With the points so about before, what superiorly flash for a rematch? Claymore is positive he be able to knock his opponent right as easy as the last life, and plans on going Cut-Throat in the gutter before kicking his arce out of the tournament. naked men fighting.. Cut-Throat isn’t leaving down without a struggle albeit, he earns his eyes stationary on redemption and plans on demonstrating Claymore who the extremely winner is with a load of seed to his physiognomy. naked men fighting..

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