This is the workout this hetero cunt needs!

Posted by on May 5, 2015






This athlete spends hours every day training his body so we want to see it to the best effect. He’s drenched in oil so he looks like a proper eager slut like those photos in personal ads at the back of gay mags. That tight arsehole needs loosening up. Adrian rams his fingers up that rubbery opening to give us access. He resists the entire way. Jack needs be made compliant. To do this a speculum is inserted up his arse so ice cold water can be poured into his anal cavity. It’s secured inside him with a buttplug. More whacks are administered to his arse cheeks making Jack willing to do anything to make it stop. A man’s arsehole is presented in front of his face and he’s ordered to make his tongue rigid so he can properly penetrate it. A large heavy ball sack is lowered into his mouth. Jack doesn’t seem grateful enough for all this.

Enjoy how flogged and beaten!

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