His head is pushed onto the stiff dick

Posted by on May 29, 2015





With pegs attached over the most sensitive parts of his body he’s made to feel the most acute pain imaginable as they are torn off his body with the lash. Thrown down onto a filthy mattress Josh is turned into a pure cocksucker. His head is pushed onto the stiff dick so it presses deep into the back of his throat. At the same time a vibrator is rammed up his arsehole and his arse is simultaneously given a flogging. A man’s arse is shoved in Josh’s face and he’s ordered to slide his tongue into Dave’s anus to lick it clean. His face and mouth is going to stink of bumhole for weeks! Just to seal the flavour in his face and tongue are coated with cum. The straight fuck is ordered to swallow ever drop. Josh has now been turned into a real man.

Enjoy how flogged and beaten!

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