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It’s a cold cloudy day on the beach here in the bay and Micah Andrews is dragged through the sand, crawling on all fours for sex. He’s whored out to horny beachgoers while Mike Martin pounds the boy’s sandy ass with his thick long cock. Everyone takes out their cell phones to record this hot action for themselves. After taking turns fucking the boy, they drag him into the freezing surf to wash off the massive amount of cum. The boy’s naked body is spread-eagled and his wrists and ankles are tightly tied to thick wooden stakes. One dude milks Micah and another pull the clothespin zipper as he blows his load.
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Logan Stevens is dragged down from the woods to be used at the cabin by the horny campers. They take him to the fire pit where some strangers whip their dicks out and make him worship feet with an electric butt plug shoved up his ass. They make the boy work through the electricity to get to their cocks and he takes them two at a time. In the hot tub they fuck his ass and dunk him making him switch between a mouth full of cock and being underwater. At the outdoor shower they piss all over the stud while keeping his holes full of cock, then cover him in their cum. gay snuff stories

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It’s Friday nighttime there in San Francisco and the cafe is standing camera only! The group becomes track as Dakota Wolfe comes creeping in on his arms and knees, with a cowbell around his neck, and the ass hook firmlyhandsome pushed up his butt. Dakota’s bring around, shoving his mug into everyone’s perineum as he’s cooked to moo love a cow at the dominant of his lungs. Everyone contours up for a paddling motor, penetrating his rectum red as he crawls beneath their foot, screaming from the hurt. With his arms pegged, Dakota’s Bent above to swallow boner just as he’s tamped from behind. The sex-frenzied throng watches in anticipation as clover clamps with weights on them are attached to the miserable boy’s nips. Then a relentless flog to the cheering of the gang, Dakota’s tied down and DP’d just as letting fullness and fullness of spunk onto his physiognomy. gay leather store

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Torn, muscled stallion Brock Anthony is blindfolded just as crawling on his hands and knees. The smell of feet is in the expanse as the throng of lustful dudes smother his snout nose with their soles, making him lick every toe until they hustle their rods down his neck. Brock’s since chained down on his back with a plug in his fucking mouth as the guys take turns ramming their dicks up his ass. The boys whole gather round and please the Hades outside of the tied pig, ignoring his minor yells for grace as he screams and laughs at the Pro Domme gay boot fetish
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In downtown San Francisco an art thief, Eli Hunter, tortures to sneak a painting outside of the gallery while no one’s paying attention to him. As he becomes for the room, the chaps notice the piece of art and tackle him down to the body bagspank for trying to stealing from them. He kicks and cries, but his oppose is futile as the swarm of boys rip away his apparel and peg him. He’s passed around as the mob teaches him a lesson, spanking his boyhole and tormenting him with the electric zapper. They toss the klepto down to his knees and hustle shafts down his neck until curving him more for an backside face-fucking. They hair him admire a slobber roast before limiting his hands and legs to the pillars and thrashing him for everyone’s amusement. Eli endures CBT as clover attaches are clipped anything over his scrotums and even on his teats. Till the thief pleas for quarter everything the youngsters permit him is penis instead.


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