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Leon Fox”The Masticator”Ht: 5’11” WT: 170lbs Season W/L record (0-0)Chris Bines”Mr Bad-Ass”Ht: 5’10” WT: 165lbsSeason W/L record (0-0) Leon “The Masticator” Fox reaches years and years of army arts training below his thong, and this is his maiden living on NK. From MMA to Kung Fu his broad background is surely single not to underestimate. Struggling against The Masticator is newcomer Caleb “Mr Bad-Ass” Bines. Mr Bad-Ass may not gain formal training, but he’s grown up struggling and scrapping throughout the years and he’s again than confident in his street smarts. Also fighters obtain very different fighting styles, as they run toe to toe which one will prove to be best? Masticator’s technical background or Mr Bad-Ass’ filthy, aggressive resisting method? naked gay wrestling sex Both track only one be able to be the winner and it’s an everything outside struggle for curious glory and test.

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The band cheers for their favorite fighters as they step onto the mat. Fighting in the blue corner is Jonny “Cut-Throat” Colter and Doug “The Destroyer” Acre drawing on team purple, Hayden “The Swank” Richards and Rowen “The Jackhammer” Jonny. The wee guys from every grouping take a decision to depart first-ever, the team cheers as they aggression at every other. The Destroyer takes The Jackhammer to the servant and got him in a close cradle. Cut-Throat gained the tag from his mate and pounces on The Jackhammer, shoving his balls just in his snout nose. As the rounds heat up everything fighters run balls to the wall to rack up as a lot off points feasible. Cut-Throat even gets a twosome injuries but trembles them off love a true warrior and runs on to battle with something his rebellion. gay nude..

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