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Today on Top Cock, we have Brian Bonds taking on Jason Styles. Brian is ready to take the win and Jason’s ass– “fuck ’em until he cries.” But Jason is certain his experience will give him the edge needed to dominate and humiliate any opponent, especially Brian. The first round starts with a heavy slam and Jason’s early control, but the points start flying in both directions when Bryan long legs wrap a punishing lock around Jason. By the second round, all the hot action leaves our contenders with their jocks torn off, revealing raging boners. These boys are horny for winning as they pound and humiliate their way to the final whistle. The winner wastes no time making his opponent choke on his triumphant cock. The loser gets tossed to the floor and worships the winner’s feet while his ass is slapped and violated. Bound and gagged, the loser takes a huge dildo up his ass to prepare for a huge cock. After the winner ravages the loser’s hole he coats the loser’s abs in hot cum and milks a load from his pitiful dick. Gagged and Totally Humiliated

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Two lean studs collide today on Top Cock: For red team, it’s Scott DeMarco promising to knock and fuck Jackson Fillmore all over the mat like a ragdoll. Jackson Fillmore represents blue team and is ready to blow his load all over Scott once he beats him in the rounds. Jackson leverages his flexibility against the newcomer, wrapping his legs tight against Scott’s body and pushing his cock into Scott’s face. Scott’s energy keeps Jackson on his toes and explodes with a massive point streak in the second round, racking up sex points with his fingers up Jackson’s hole. muscle bear men.. The winner emerges with a commanding lead and gets straight to humiliating his opponent in the sex round. He takes the loser for a pony ride before spanking the loser’s ass lobster red. Once his cheeks are tenderized, the winner plows into the loser’s pitiful hole and makes him wish he practiced more. The loser has his face glazed with victorious cum before the winner throws him into a chokehold and commands him to milk a load from his own cock. The winner cleans up the hot sticky mess with his anklet and stuffs it into the loser’s mouth as he walks out with pride. muscle bear men..

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Kirk Cummings”Kick-Ass”Ht: 5’9″Wt: 150lbsSeason W/L Record (1-1)Dominic Pacifico”The Dominator”Ht: 5’8″Wt: 175lbsSeason W/L Record (0-2) Kirk “Kick-Ass” Cummings is back on the mat, ending bowler to loaf with Devin “The Dominator” Pacifico. After winning his last contest, Kick-Ass was to revel the sweet savor of victory and he’s peckish for more since coming his lewd opponent. Gay face sitting.. His strategy in this match is to keep Peak tangled up admire a pretzel and pinning him down to the mat. To prepare for this duel, Pro Domme dominant reaches been tightening difficult to bulk up his muscles. He plans on exploiting his weight to shirt outward his opponent and after lock him up with his rod in Kick-Ass’ major fucking mouth. These two studs walk away methods back, thereby the intensity is through the roof as they struggle for absolute sexual rule. Look who humbles in the porn round and who was nothing but a physiognomy all of cum just immediately a brutal face-fuck. Gay face sitting..

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Heinrich Phillips”The Fearless”Ht: 5’10” WT: 150lbs Season W/L record ( 0-0)Tyler Sweet”The Terror”Ht: 5’7″ WT: 135lbsSeason W/L record (0-0) Raunchy stud Trent “The Terror” Sweet brings his cocky attitude to NK in his very maiden contest. His opponent, Heinrich “The Fearless” Phillips, is also a newcomer to the ranks of NK. gay pro wrestler.. Fearless is known for his tense pain threshold and even reaches some Tae Kwon Do background. The Fright doesn’t seem threatened although, he observes Fearless is just a scrawny goofball who’s butt is leaving to have chevelure, and just now Fearless is done worshipping his shaft, The Terror’s going to ram his grave shaft up his bum. Likewise fighters come outward, dicks shaking with perverse determination in their eyes. The Fear quickly receives Fearless in a nelson but Fearless becomes back and shoves his mammoth boner in The Terror’s physiognomy. The Fright doesn’t give up albeit, he’s relentless with his exploit of cradles. Also fighters struggle with raging rough rods in the third round but only one can be named the victor. gay pro wrestler..

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The Summer Smackdown Tournament goes on as we move inside the maiden quarter finishing game between Ricky “The Rock” O’Reilly, pilling on single of Stripped Kombat’s finest veterans, Peter “Ricochet” Rouge. Ricochet earns been distant for almost a year thereat but he told he’s in the best shape of his wink, and he’s get up to shove his dick down his opponents neck until lashing it up his butt. The Rock isn’t walking to take that lightly though, he thinks Ricochet gained lost wee bit of his chops living remote all this time and he’s walking to bash him down currently. Three heated, strung rounds lead up to the final porn round. sports gay..

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Hot stud Jeremy Stevens takes on sexy Jessie Colter in their first NK fight ever! Musclemen of wrestling..The winner emerges with a commanding lead and gets straight to humiliating his opponent in the sex round.

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Today on Top Cock we got two southern studs: JJ Knight and Zane Anders. JJ Knight is hungry for redemption and he’s gonna take Zane Anders down and give him a mouth and ass full of his ten inch cock. Zane Anders vows to make JJ his personal fuck toy. The jockstraps don’t last long on either of the wrestler’s limber bodies as they go at full throttle in the ring. Gay sexual wrestling.. Zane gets slapped around by JJ’s monster cock while JJ gets taken down in painful hold after hold. The contenders go at it with raging erections in the slippery oil round until the winner finally comes out with a huge victory. He traps the loser with a leglock and fucks the loser’s face relentlessly. The loser gets full taste of sweater winner ass before the winner pulls the loser up for a painful doggy fucking. He smothers the loser with his feet before bringing the slut back up to receive a hot load on his face. The loser jerks out his own load and gets a taste of it as the winner walks off with the loser’s anklet as a trophy. Gay sexual wrestling..

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Morgan Vaughn”The Machine”Ht: 6’0″Wt: 205lbsSeason W/L Record (2-0)Marcus Ruhl”The Titan”Ht: 5’10″Wt: 215lbsSeason W/L Record (2-2) With a mutual weight of more 400lbs muscled gods Morgan “The Machine” Vaughn and Marcus “Titan” Ruhl take to the mat for an all outward struggle for the right to face-fuck. The undefeated Auto can’t wait to append different win underneath his lanyard and obtain his oversized opponent adore each muscle on his ripped torco.Gaywrestling Giant is a resilient fighter albeit, despite his big caliber he’s hastily as rim and looking to take held of The Machine’s back. To come stuff interesting, both goliaths oil down their enormous thews as they try to make their method to the largest. Don’t miss this spank, cut-throat battle between these two sexiest gladiators. Will Titan earn the upper arm or will The Auto whip his opponent and keep his undefeated record?

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