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Naked and awful Anton is pegged and place on the floor. He gained been cleaned and once he reaches to fellatio Gregor, the leader who discovered the suspected intruder in the nearby wood. After an wide blow work Gregor wants to examine his prisonerґs bum and arse asshole. He knows that fast his owner will make. And he admires his prisonerґs good cooked with their cherries widened and their bodies cleaned. Gay sex in the military..

Finally Karl, the General, enters the videocamera. He is a tall, old person who apparently to be absolutely drunk. He begins to talk and to inquire the pitiful houseboy. In the beginning he emerged to be friendly. But his mood turned when Anton refused to drink with him. He is not victimized to someone ignoring his will and now he is in the mood to agony a vulnerable and naked fellow. He shows him big knife and plays a few degrading games with him. Just now he makes him drink. And smokes. Anton coughs. He earns never been smoking until. Gay sex in the military..

Karl examines the boyґs butt single more life. He is amazed near his thin body. “You sight quite famished my poor friend.” He goes on to become teases about him towards a absolute till. Thereat the general calls towards Gregor. He gave a give a command him to held on torturing the guy. “You be able to receive joy with him. Pleasure this looser. He is also boring for me.” Gay sex in the military..

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Anton gets interrogated and humiliated

Anton earns carried to a suffer military base. The soldiers destiny at him in a very urgent path. He well-tried to interrogate what they wish from him. But they only tells that he entered a restricted region and that he gets to lock up. A several minutes later he is carried into a muddy tent. It is a chill day and Anton earns been naked everything the life. He shakes. But he shakes with tremb. Slave gay BDSM..

Gregor ties his catch to a wooden beam. After the military macho starts to inquire and contempt him. “How You, wee faggot? ” Master brutally touches his genitals. “Do you love it? I am of course you make!” Since Gregor brings a bucketful absolute of chill aqva. He began to wash the prisoner. “The General will become shortly. He wants you sweep and made. You better shut up since. Only speak while he asks you to. He earns pissed thus without ceremony.” The hero keeps cleaning the frightened nerd. After a just as he sets the remaining aqva over Antonґs loaf..Slave gay BDSM..

“Now gives earn a more in-depth sight on you. Rotate around”. The hero tests every part of the boyґs torco. His balls, his hole and his dick. Overnight he began to fellatio him. “Lets see if I will earn your petite tool tough.” Anton is disgusted but he locked struggling a long life ago. He belives that his misery is exactly about to begin..Slave gay BDSM..

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