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Master gets his sub

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Sadistic schoolboy Billy at BrutalTops manhandles his cringing sub as soon as he catches sight of him. Mean and very angry, the Master gets his sub to remove all of his clothes and screams at him while brandishing a mean-looking belt. The quivering sub is almost powerless as he is ordered to pull down Master Billy’s underpants and reveals the Master’s well-built, smooth and highly-tanned body.

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Naked hetero Rob is wrestled

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Naked hetero Rob is wrestled into the room and onto a chair where he’s tied firmly in place. This sniveling hairy fucker pities himself too much and needs to learn how to show enthusiasm for his new job sexually serving men. He’s going to feel hyper aware of his genitals every second as the men control his most intimate parts. With his big dangling cock and full balls hanging out in the open they are totally vulnerable for whatever wicked pain his captors want to inflict upon him. His nuts are bound and squeezed to the point where it feels like they’ll burst.

Gay male electro torture

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gay-bondage-slave-68 gay-bondage-slave-69 gay-bondage-slave-70

Then he is lowered to the ground, resting on his knees as a naked Ondra wanks and dumps his hot juice all over that hairy chest.

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Gay muscle torture

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Tom is then moved again, this time to be hung by his ankles, full length for a good whipping and spanking.

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Gay torture porn

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Mate grabs his own cock, which is still rock hard and wanks it to a climax, shooting his cream over the floor.


Gay white slave

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Game_of_power_s3 15 Game_of_power_s3 17 Game_of_power_s3 20 Game_of_power_s3 21

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Gay male slave training

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Game_of_power_s3 03 Game_of_power_s3 04 Game_of_power_s3 06 Game_of_power_s3 07 Game_of_power_s3 08

With his legs and arms tied up there is no way to escape.

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Gay male sex slave

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Game_of_power_i3 11 Game_of_power_i3 15 Game_of_power_i3 18

And that leads to Hannibal getting crazy horny and his only desire is to stick it hard into Ron’s tight, virgin asshole.

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Gay male slave stories

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Game_of_power_i3 01 Game_of_power_i3 02 Game_of_power_i3 05 Game_of_power_i3 06

And the lesson continues. Burglar Ron is now forced to suck Hannibal’s monstrous dick.

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Straight master gay slave

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gay-bondage-slave-10 gay-bondage-slave-11

Milan is hard too and releases Honza who quickly returns the favour, releasing the big cock and sucking on it. His head bobs on that dick, taking it deep into his throat, as Milan’s hands are on the back of his head pushing him down.

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Gay domination stories

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Right_and_Justice_i2 02 Right_and_Justice_i2 06 Right_and_Justice_i2 08 Right_and_Justice_i2 09 Right_and_Justice_i2 10The agressive soldier is now learning himself how it feels to be submissive.

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Straight boys punished by chain

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straight-boys-punished-01 straight-boys-punished-02 straight-boys-punished-03 straight-boys-punished-04

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Ass bounding gay

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brutal-spanking-gay-65 brutal-spanking-gay-66 brutal-spanking-gay-67

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Gay porno victim

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Sprayer-guy has to serve him well

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Law_and_order_i2 23 Law_and_order_i2 25 Law_and_order_s2 01 Law_and_order_s2 03 Now he feels like a guard and the smaller sprayer-guy has to serve him well.

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