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Electrostimulation with rings

When placed in the right locations sending e-stim pulses between both rings can cause a sensation similar to masturbation. With this sensation, men can experience hands-free stimulation and orgasm.

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Bound jock loves to have his hole filled

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So, we bound him to a steel truss and tied an electric plug up his open ass. We left the power box close enough for him to reach and control the current himself. Being a true jock pig it takes him no time to crank it up all the way causing his hole to contract involuntarily and his cock to throb. He rides the current until he can’t take it anymore and has to shoot his wad! Bound jock..

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With his hands locked in leather pup mitts and down on all fours, we tie his raging boner tight and cinch it to a 25 lb weight dangling from the ceiling. The playful pup sniffs around a bit and plays with his toys, but his focus keeps being pulled to his rock hard dick. He tries desperately to stroke it, but can only manage to paw it. male bdsm master

Cum from electrostimulation

When you use both of the cock rings on yourself, you will be giving yourself some serious electro-stimulation. You can feel free to place the rings anywhere on the cock to discover new sensations. Male cbt stories..

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Current for cum

These are bi-polar E-Stim cock rings. You’ll find yourself moving around with ecstasy and pleasure as you use the electro currents to bring you to great sexual fulfillment.

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