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Wolf Hudson’s giant uncut cock gets tied up and relentlessly edged

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Wolf Hudson is a “hetero-flexible” stud who’s never been tied up by another man before. Men on Edge is more than happy to give Wolf that first experience. Sebastian takes Wolf to the Armory’s lounge and binds his arms into a tight rope harness. Now under Sebastian’s control, Wolf moans as his clothes stripped from his body while his nipples are caressed. Sebastian works his way down to Wolf’s bulging cock, slowly teasing it out from the underwear. A hitachi brings Wolf’s cock to full attention, and Sebastian’s tongue brings it to the edge. Sebastian brings out a fleshjack and makes Wolf shake in the bondage with each denied orgasm. The bondage gets intensified as Wolf is made to stand on one leg, the other suspended. This gives Sebastian the perfect angle to worship and tickle Wolf’s feet. Next, Wolf is bound to a couch as Sebastian explores Wolf’s eager hole with his fingers and vibrating dildos. With a prostate massager replacing the dildos, Wolf can no longer withstand the the relentless edging and begs to cum through a ball gag. Sebastian finally milks a huge load from Wolf’s balls and finishes off with a rough cockhead polishing.

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The Pool Boy

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Christian and Sebastian are out pool hopping when they stumble over a gorgeous tiled pool tended by Chris Harder, a studly pool boy with a hot ass. Sebastian pretends to drown in order to lure Chris into their clutches. From there, Christian and Sebastian fasten the pool boy to foam noodles and tease an erection out of his tight swim trunks. They torment the pool boy’s nipples and make him suck cock underwater while bringing him to the edge over and over. Chris is pulled into the bungalow and suspended in the kitchen while the two spin him around and toy with his raging boner. Christian busts cum all over Chris’ moaning face as Sebastian rams a vibrating dildo into Chris’ ass. The summer fun’s not over yet, so Sebastian pulls out a fucksaw and plows the pool boy’s prostate. Begging to cum, Chris finally relieves himself while shooting a huge load all over the floor. Helpless and cum drunk, Chris is finished off with post-orgasmic torment and intense tickling to top it all off.

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Pervy handyman has his way with a hot muscle god at the gym

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Ripped muscle god, Mitch Vaughn, is taking a piss at the gym when he catches the ever-pervy Sebastian creeping on him. Mitch brushes it off and goes back to hitting the weights. Before he knows what’s happening he finds himself bound to the bench press with his legs high and his ass exposed. Sebastian licks the pink hole between Mitch’s plump ass cheeks and gets his cock hard. Mitch keeps saying he doesn’t like it but he nearly cums anyway. With a dildo firmly inside Mitch’s ass, Sebastian tickles the hell out of him. Every twist and turn makes Mitch fuck his own ass. In rope from head to toe, Mitch is tied to 100lb. weights as he’s violated by the Fucksall. Sebastian’s next toy is the e-stim dildo. Mitch nearly cums from the electro right on his prostate but Sebastian walks away. Mitch begs and begs for him to return and finally launches a huge load all over his muscular chest.


Duty Bound we join him

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In Mattias Solich’s Duty Bound we join him as he is having his head pushed down on Ondra Matej’s throbbing cock. Matej is loving that cock and his tongue comes out to lick at it, when he isn’t sucking it right down his throat. Ondra then shackles Mattias’ wrists and gets behind him to shove his big cock deep in that sexy ass.

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Puppy can suck his own dick, and does it live!

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Hot boy next door Jackson Fillmore joins Men on Edge Live to try out puppy play for the first time. He jumps right into the role, submitting to Christian and Sebastian as soon as the puppy mask goes on. Christian leads Jackson around on a short leash and has the pup worship his boots while Sebastian hogties him. Jackson is made to wear a rawhide bone on his balls as they edge him repeatedly, getting suggestions from the members. Jackson is even made to suck his own dick in a piledriver. Sebastian and Christian take Jackson to the bed, bending the eager pup over and toying his his hairy asshole. Jackson may not be allowed to cum yet, but Christian takes the opportunity to blow a load all over Jackson’s face. Flipped over Jackson endures an alternate between torment and pleasure as he’s relentlessly tickled. An even bigger pup tail plug is inserted before Jackson finally gets to blow his load, obediently lapping up his cum from Sebastian’s hand. Helpless to move, Jackson’s finished off with a vicious tickling and apple polishing on his sensitive, uncut cockhead.

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First timer with a giant cock gets suspended and edged above the drill court

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Men on Edge welcomes studly Dean Brody high up above Armory’s drill court for his first bondage experience. Sebastian and Jessie Colter work Dean into a throbbing boner that his underwear can’t contain as the ropes come around his chest. Dean has his nipples played with, a cock ring fitted over his huge dick and nearly blows his load from a vibrator treatment. Sebastian and Jessie raise Dean above the floor and continue the alternating pleasure and torment. They edge and tickle the stud before leaving him to hang, begging to be finished off. Next, they take Dean to another corner of the bleachers, bound bent-over with his ass presented outward. Dean has his hungry hole filled with dildos and repeatedly taken to his limit. After the long day of edging, Sebastian and Jessie finally allow Dean to bust a load and wipe the cum into his beard.

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College jock gets a crash course in edging while bound to the urinals

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Rod Peterson may look like your typical straight jock, but he still takes his education seriously. As Rod pours through his anatomy homework, Sebastian comes by the reading room and starts perving on him. Annoyed by Sebastian’s advances, Rod retreats to a secluded bathroom. Just when Rod thinks he’s finally alone, Sebastian tackles the stud and binds him in the center of the room. Rod is jerked, blown, massaged by hitachis and fucked with a plunger, but never allowed to cum. His muscles bulge under the ropes, moaning louder with each successive edge. Sebastian moves Rod over to the urinals as Rod’s boner rages. Rod has his feet worshipped and cock worked with a vibrating cock sleeve, making a mess all over himself as he drools from the ball gag. Sebastian finally feels generous enough to let the stud blow his load, but not without having the straight boy taste his own cum.

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Straight surfer boy blows a huge load for his first prostate milking!

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Laid back California boy Zach Clemens wants to try something new, so we bring him in for an edging session up in the dining room. A rope harness tied over his chest, arms secured to a saw horse, Zach is under our control as we bring him close — so close — to orgasm again and again. He trembles in bondage and begs to cum while we jack his raging boner with a vibrating cock sleeve. Next, we strap him down to a dinner table and worship his feet and pits. All the while, Zach’s orgasm remains beyond his reach and under our command. We teach Zach where his prostate is and the pleasure that comes from having it milked. Finally the straight hunk is allowed to blow his load before having his cock head tormented and his vulnerable body tickled.

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Lean hunk Rob Yaeger relentlessly edged & tormented w/ ice – Live Show

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Lean stud Rob Yaeger eagerly joins Sebastian and Christian Wilde for our live show– what a better way to spend Friday night? Sebastian starts by tying Rob down to a St. Andrew’s cross while Christian tenderly plays with Rob’s cock. Once immobile on the cross, the night’s fun truly begins. Christian and Sebastian take turns working Rob’s raging boner, jerking it, sucking it, running two hitches over it and stroking it with a fleshjack. Rob writhes on the cross with each successive edge, the sensations intensified by the blindfold over his eyes. After a short intermission to check in with all the horny members, Sebastian binds Rob upside-down to a chair. With easy access to Rob’s feet and ass, Sebastian and Christian worship and tickle Rob’s toes and finger his tight hole. After one last twisting edge, Rob could no longer handle the torment and blows an explosive, involuntary load in Sebastian’s hand. Sebastian works the rest of the cum out of Rob’s balls and smears the load in his face. The relief is short-lived, however, as Christian torments Rob’s cock head while Sebastian tickles the hell out of Rob’s feet.

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Muscled jewel thief has his uncut cock edged with the Mouth of Anubis

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Special agents Keys and Wilde are on the hunt for Ivan Gregory. The studly jewel thief has struck again, this time taking an ancient erotic artifact– the MOUTH OF ANUBIS. After capturing Gregory, Keys and Wilde whisk the thief to a black site for an enhanced interrogation. In the dingy room, far outside official jurisdiction, Ivan is bound with duct tape across his mouth. Keys wakes the perp with a bucket of ice cold water, and the two agents begin some off-the-books techniques, groping and teasing the criminal for their own amusement. They strip away his soaking clothes, revealing a huge, uncut dick. Ivan’s will gets put to the test as Keys and Wilde edge him repeatedly, licking his nipples and toes before bringing out a double hitachi torment. After the first round of torment, the criminal is placed in an inverted suspension over a sawhorse while the agents play with his tight hole. Gregory is made to suck Agent Wilde while Keys fucks Ivan with a dildo. Keys inserts a vibrating prostrate toy into the criminal’s hole and brings out the Mouth of Anubis to edge Ivan with. Agent Wilde warns Keys against this, citing the legends about the artifact, but Keys dismisses the protests as pure superstition. After so many cruel edgings, Ivan Gregory finally blows his load with the Mouth of Anubis wrapped around his throbbing dick. With that rocking orgasm, the room shakes: Anubis has awakened, and there’s hell to pay.

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Hot KinkMen fan gets the full treatment as he’s bound & aching to cum

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Steve meets up with Hugh Hunter currently, a KinkMen fan who fantasizes narrow getting a dominance experience beyond whole he’s had until. Sebastian obliges, tying Hugh to a chair and slow shedding the enclothe from his muscled body. Scott places a blindfolded above Hugh’s eyes to intensify the sensations and starts worshipping the tits on Hugh’s bulging pecs. Hugh moans as Sebastian became his moment on Hugh’s pulsatory rod, agonizingly teasing it with his fucking mouth before in the end peeling it outward. Spencer sides Hugh again and again, making Hugh flavor the seminal-fluid from his diamond-hard penis. Even with a double-Hitachi treatment on his teats and cock — followed by an extended legs worshipping — Hugh still is not allowed to seed. Following, Hugh is taken from the bench and chained to the pool table, face down, arse up. With his ballocks firmlyhandsome wound in purple twine, Hugh became a vibrating broomstick up his close backside. The ass face-fucking comes the sperm denial again and again insufferable, but Scott proceeds the edging. Once flipped above on the pool board, Hugh obtains his toes worshipped a time existence as Sten jerks his swollen boner. Hugh got the vast prostrate massager in his hole and gained above edges. Pushing Hugh to the threshold, Skylar finally admits the stallion to seed anything over his strapped abs until tormenting his sensitive shaft loaf and tickling the underworld outside of his feet.

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Muscular Stud, Jason Maddox, Begs to Cum In bondage for the First Time

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Jason Maddox is a raunchy, suit, stallion who’s inward ruthless sex but earns never been bind up until. As speedily as we receive the ropes on him his rod began getting harsh so he must love it. We cut off his boxers leaving only his giant bawls putted. His shaft bounces from playing with them after it’s such a great turn-on for him. Just as existence edged Jason obtains so frustrated he nearly rips himself off the wall. Tied sheer nude laying down we try less temperature contest. With one cup of lewd and single cup of icy water we fellatio his penis and the back and ahead from lewd to cold drives him angry. We deny him again and above when milking his prostate right to hear him beg with a plug in his face hole. Now ultimately admitting this hot hunk blow a load whole more his abs it’s the apple polishing that obtains him kicking and screaming in the definitive.

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Suspended in a center split, helpless uncut stud blows a huge load!

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Jessie Filmore is passed outward at put just as Sebastian and John decided they need a youngster to trouble and brink. Just then pilling Jesse outward of his house they bring him to their underground Boiler Cell and gag him entering eagle on the servant, his trunk pressed to the ground with tight twine as he’s edged repeatedly. Josh pleas to jizz but with the bondage thus narrow he be able to severely wiggle. Jessie nourishes him his rod while Scott licks his feet and Jacob can’t contain himself, but Scott denies him more and again. Pegged to the boiler, Jacob obtains turned around for an arse hair by the vibrating dildo that almost stretches off a loads outward of him. Complete suspended from the mammoth device he takes another face-fuck that comes him semen but it’s the post-orgasm worry that indeed sends him reeling.

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The naked hunks

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ericdeman272a_0087 ericdeman272a_0088 ericdeman272a_0090 ericdeman272a_0092
EricDeman has posted a new video of three hot guys streaking in a public park. The lads attempt to cover their dicks while racing past the public but are unable to keep their genitals covered. The surprised members of the public stare in wonder as the naked hunks race past.

Smug techie gets taught a lesson while relentlessly edged in mid-air

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Scott even as intends to earn a quiet evening in at housing, but Derek Scott arrives instead to deliver an eviction notice. Unwilling to be jostled around by any snooty fit, Sebastian grabs Derek and solves to teach the rude ailing patient several San Francisco hospitality: a filled nighttime of sperm denial. Dirk fast detects himself fixed, besotted and gagged with duct tape as Seth hops him down. Skylar works Derek’s shaft nearly past the edge with a shaky sleeve until treating him to a dual hitachi agony and vicious tickling. Yet not allowed to seed, Derek reaches hogtied on Sebastian’s coffee board, his backside played with and toes sucked. Spencer suspends Dylan in the middle of the instant door, spinning him around with a prostate massager firmly lodged in Derek’s tight hole. Derek’s pleads for an culmination, and finally scavenges a giant fullness exactly until Scott uses his fucking mouth to deliver a punishing post-orgasmic misery.

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