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Officer Keys torments sexy cock convict

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Officer Keys caught Max Woods jerking his cock in public, and takes the pervert back to the precinct. Disgusted by Max’s protests, Sebastian leaps over his desk and manhandles Max. He promises to edge Max so much that he’ll never dream of jerking off in public again. The sexual deviant only gets harder under the torment. Max shakes and moans gagged pleas for orgasm. Officer Keys only responds with more edging. He takes Max to the holding cells and fashions a cockring out handcuffs, pulling Max’s rod through a hole in the metal cage. Max is bound in place, drooling for cum as Keys sucks his cock and almost makes it explode with a fleshjack. Knowing that criminal rehabilitation is a long process, Keys throws Max into a dark interrogation room and bolts him to an examination table, leaving his legs spread open for a vibrating dildo. Just as Max is about to blow his load, Officer Keys interrupts with a vicious tickling. Keys finally gives the deviant what he wants, and milks a thick load from his aching balls. But Max is still under arrest– Officer Keys keeps him secured to the table for processing.

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World Premiere – The Forbidden Tango

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Sebastian manages to drag Van to tango lessons, where the two find a hot — yet totally cruel — instructor in Adam Ramzi. They have enough of Adam’s mean teaching method, capturing him and binding him in front of his dance studio’s windows. Against his protests and taunts, they cut his clothes off to reveal a chiseled body and beautiful cock. Sebastian’s tongue brings him to the edge over and over. Adam tries to fuck two hitachis pressing his throbbing cock head and balls. Adam ends up in a rope sling, dangling in front of his mirrors, watching his body twist against the denied orgasms. Van rigs a dildo into the web of ropes, making Adam fuck himself as he squirms with Sebastian worshipping his feet. They finally let Adam’s cock explode in thick, heavy cum. The punishment moves to tickling, taking advantage of Adam’s dazed state. But Van and Sebastian aren’t done yet: they still have to debut their dance number…

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Bi hunk with an enormous cock just aching to cum

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Bi hunk Leo Knight is brand renewed to KinkMen and he’s impatient to join us for his former edging scene. We undertake by tying him up and tearing far his garments as Spencer teases him with his tongue. Doesn’t take long before Lucas’ great shaft protrudes through his underwear. Just as we crush the hitachi’s on his cockhead it drives Leroy even as to the edge as he begs for us to do him semen. Suspension in the middle of the camera Leo gets the cock on a stick shoved up his crack till Sebastian sides his schlong from lower. Last, we bound Lance down on the couch with a ball gag in his fucking mouth. Application the fake asshole, we caress Lucas’ giant tentum until shoving the vibrator up his ass. As he groans at the Headmaster of his lungs from the vibration, Lestard eventually scavenges his load entire above himself until we depart him chained up and aidless.

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Hot Stud Trapped at the Glory Hole

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Jackson’s cruising the bathroom for a hottie to blow and runs across Kyler Ash. Unfortunately, Kyler plays hard to get with Jackson at the glory hole. When Van shows up, Jackson and Van capture the stud and lock his dick in place with ropes. Now Jackson finally gets blow the little cocktease through the gloryhole. Kyler begs to cum in muffled groans through his gag. They’re not letting him off so easy, so they drag him to the front of the stalls and drive him crazy with tight strokes from the fleshjack. Kyler gets hoisted into a suspension and swings as he sucks Jackson’s cock. Van rocks his prostate with a dildo and Jackson worships his toes while taking edge after edge. They finally decide to let him down and blow his load, making sure he gets a big taste of his own cum. Just because he came, it doesn’t mean the torment ends– Jackson and Van get Kyler squirming as they tickle his pits and overstimulate his throbbing cock head.


Metal Rack to Sleep Sack: Captive Boy’s Thick Cock Edged Mercilessly

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Captured and caged, Scotty Zee has no idea what sexy torment awaits him in this dark workshop. Van arrives and drags him to a metal rack, binding him tight against it with the help of Branden Forrest. The two unveil Scotty’s beautiful dick as it pulses with horny anticipation. Branden wraps his long tongue up and down Scotty’s shaft and teases his nipples. It doesn’t take long before Scotty begs to cum. Van intensifies the torment with flips to the rack, first putting Scotty on his back, then hanging over the ground as he receives edge after edge. Scotty finds himself trapped in the Max Cita sleep sack, swinging from pipes overhead, with only his dick free for edging. Van and Branden slowly free Scotty piece-by-piece from the sack, trading the bondage for more and more intense edges. Scotty can’t take more as the two ram his prostate with their Hitachi dildo. They finally allow him to cum, milking a hot load all over his abs. After Scotty gets a taste of his own jizz, they overwhelm his senses with a vicious tickling.

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Security Guard Edged Beyond his Limit in the Bathroom

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Horny as ever, Sebastian’s been waiting for action in the bathroom all day, but the only guy around is the annoying security guard, Brogan Reed. Sebastian can’t take all the pestering, so he overpowers Brogan and ties him up against the stall dividers. Brogan struggles and squirms in ropes as Sebastian cuts off his uniform to reveal a ripped body and a beautiful, throbbing cock. Sebastian takes all of Brogan’s dick into his mouth and edges the guard without mercy while bound over the toilet. Sebastian taunts Brogan in the mirror, showing the guard just how hard and helpless he is in ropes. He pulls Brogan onto a table and binds him spread eagle across it to suck his toes while jerking his raging erection. Brogan’s posture leaves him wide open for a big vibrating dildo straight up his asshole. Begging to cum, Brogan finds himself at the mirror again, taking edge after edge. Sebastian finally allows him to spurt hot cum all over his reflection, ending his relief with a rough tickling and cock torment.

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A wild horny fisting hunk

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Pizza boy with ripped abs gets fucked with The Shockspot

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Vinsent and Scott are poised out at house, expected for their pizza to be supplied. Lucky for them, the delivery guy, Ian Levine, is a real hottie. Just as they don’t gain cash to pay for their pizza, they fast pounce on Ian and bound his bum up. Ian proves to bawl for assist but his dreadful calls are muffled by the duct tape around his face hole. The two pervs remove his clothing and undertake teasing his rod till it’s rock severe. They jack Ian off using the thrilling hitachi’s until tying him up in the center of the door. Begging to sperm, Ian’s edged with the fleshjack until he’s suspended in the air, swinging back and ahead as Sebastian swallows the boy’s painful rod. Pegged down on the bedstead, Ian’s asshole is cover open for the Shockspot to plunge inward his arce. The two perverts ultimately milk a fullness outside of Ian’s rod and climax him off with a few post orgasmic ordeal.

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Johnny`s body is fixed to the ceiling

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Without_a_chance_i2 04 Without_a_chance_i2 05 Without_a_chance_i2 06 Without_a_chance_i2 07 Without_a_chance_i2 08 Without_a_chance_i2 10

The soldier is pushing a dildo deep into the guy`s ass.

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Sir Pan chains the prisoner to the bed

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Sir Pan chains the prisoner to the bed then fucks him with his baton, through the cell bars. Sir changes the prisoner’s position so he can get a better hold on his cock, then resumes fucking him. Between the chains and the fucking, prisoner is clearly in ecstasy.

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California Beach Hunk gets cruel punish

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There’s a rugged handsomeness near Travis Collins and he’s highly sexy close being stationary up and hackneyed but he’s assured that his training as a fighter gained made him for it. We peg him up with his hands back, besotted him, and break his enclothe off. While he receives to the brink of culmination he sucks up his own pre-cum. In the pencil-dicked cell we bound him pot to toe, thrown him in the expanse, and shag his arce with a fake-penis making him sling through the videocamera. With the flame howling we birch his butt and party him till he got penned.

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Two edging perverts take down a sexy stud with a fat cock

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Jett Jax is quickly asleep as Sebastian and Vinsent sneak via his kitchen shopwindow, looking for a late evening edging. They pounce on the sleeping jock and quickly peg him to the bed. Jett tries to roar for aid but his cries are muffled as the perverts handgag his face hole and start teasing his schlong. His pajamas are turn in rags away, revealing his rock tough boner, begging to be edged. Jett receives a wee surprise from the hitachi’s on his shaft until the perverts trouble him with few tickling. Exploiting his mouth, Spencer edges the boy’s rod before he’s about to spunk, only to receive a whipping at the last time vice. The perverts after turn him around and cover his jaws, shoving a vibrator up his boyhole just as they milk anything the jizz out of his schlong.

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Gay BDSM baton fucking

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The chain cage proves uncomfortable, but that doesn’t mean we took it off. Instead the prisoner finds himself in total darkness only to be released after deep throating Sir’s baton.

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Straight stud’s huge uncut cock edged by two guys for the first time

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JJ Knight gets his ass violated and his 10″ Cock edged to the extreme

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JJ waits patiently for his edging session, while Van and Sebastian are eager to get there hands around JJ’s giant cock . The two immediately tie JJ to a bed, and pull out his 10 inch dick. Sebastian quickly gets that massive cock in his mouth, and suck and strokes it until JJ is ready to cum. Van holds that cum back by tying JJ’s throbbing cock to the bed, and putting clamps on his nipples. JJ begs to cum as Van and Sebastian press him up against the bed post. Van wraps his body in white tape, while Sebastian jerks his cock just to the point of that sweet release. Van and Sebastian then realize they’ve given too little attention to JJ’s tight ass. They rectify the mistake by bending JJ over, and stretching out his hole with a dildo. JJ is then retied to the bed, and allowed to shoot his load.

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