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Edged in the gym so long that he cums twice!

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Vinsent and Scott are sparring on the mat while they watch erotic janitor Nicholas Martin on his rounds. They lure Nikolay above as he volunteers to demonstarate them a few wrestling moves. Just till Nathan thinks he’s studies anything useful for the mat, Van and Scott turn the tables. They shut Nicholas inward close wrestling subs
stands and receive to job on his shaft. Nick entreaties to spunk when Valantin and Steven gag him in in the center of the ring and edge him again and above. His scrotums wound closely and bulging, Nick is prepare to blow, but his captors choose any more joy. They take him inside the locker crate for a minute round of seed denial. Scott got Nathan’s ballocks to the butting with a fleshjack and his fucking mouth. Vinsent tags into the play, jerking Nikolay while Steve adores the frustrated janitor’s toes. They gaud with Nathan’s narrow backside and treated him to a vibrating dildo and a prostate massager. The two finally give Nicholas to cum, and he eagerly accepts with geyser of cum. The afternoon of long edging yet leaves Nikolay lewd with a raging hard-on, thus he admits an encore loads.

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The dude thinks it’s gonna

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The dude thinks it’s gonna be over soon, but the fun part is just about to come


Officer Maguire edged and gets an electric buttplug for the first time

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Commander Connor Maguire is on the smash at the Armory, this living subjecting a graffiti spraying punk to a whole cavity search. Spencer runs in on the sex-frenzied interrogation and gained a foul inspiration from the appearance of the new hunky guard. Sebastian ties Sirdar Maguire to a chair and subjects him to continuous edging and tormenting his nuts with the ball crusher. Spencer hogties the horde leader in a padded chamber and keeps denying that compact rod while worshipping Connor’s feet. Hero Maguire obtains flipped again and is introduced to the electric lucid arse barnacle for the quite maiden life. With his prostate buzzing, Sirdar Maguire in the end earns permission to seed and blows a raunchy load before he cries for pardon from gratify trouble.

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Master orders him to sit on the dildo

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Then, wearing just a pair of well-bulging tight white underpants, the snarling Master takes a huge dildo which he orders the sub to swallow. Pushing it deep into elliott’s mouth, the sub is soon puking up dribble before the Master orders him to sit on the dildo and push it deep up his asshole. Then the Master uses the sub as a human toilet as he does a piss right into elliott’s mouth. The sub has no choice but to swallow the filthy liquid. This excites the top who then proceeds to push his cock deep into the lad’s mouth and his rapidly hardening dick makes the sub ream as it pounds between his lips.

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Adam Ramzi’s Home Invaded and Cock Edged

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Aitor Ramzi is get up for a quiet evening in his own put, but Scott hasn’t forgotten him from the gym and is lurking out. Sebastian watches as Aiden undresses and jerks himself off. When he falls asleep Sebastian and Valantin sneak in. Alex awakens strapped to a chair and at the quarter of Sebastian. He’s edged repeatedly with a barnacle and begs to cum as Scott blasts him. Hogtied on the bedstead he gained a fake-penis in his arce and the pressure on his prostate drives him wild. Once a all night of edging and tickling the sex-frenzied stallion Scott finally admits him blow his loads and polishes his cockhead.

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Happy Holidays Live Shoot – Vanta Claus brings two gifts for you!

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Welcome to our Extremely Fagot on Brink Holiday Separate! We gain Jonny Smith and Steve Keys insertion us for the holidays as Vanta Clause arrives with lots of fun gauds and goodies. We start Joshua off with his hands bound behind his back just as we jerk off his schlong till it’s standing at attention. Aching to sperm, J.R. tastes to chevelure our hands in the dominance as we proceed to drive his rod mad before he bursts a mammoth load just onto his stomach. Up following, at the member’s request, we gag Sebastian on the bed, cover eagle till Josh exams the methods of edging coles. An electric light ball purse is placed around Sebastian’s nuts until we pain him with over electric light up his butt. Since driving him savage, Steve eventually blasts his loads until he’s ended off with post-orgasmic hurt and hardcore tickling.

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Alexander Gustavo edged in prison by two perverts

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Skylar gained been blocked up for else another crime, till Van comes to his rescue. Once free, the two notice other hot toy-prisoner, Alexander Gustavo, begging to be kit free. Unfortunately for Alexander, freedom isn’t what the two pervs gain in mind for him. The randy stud’s hand’s are cuffed behind his back as his captors get his rod rock-hard and punish off it through the cages. Sebastian’s insatiable fucking mouth is too much to resist as Alexander screws his face hole, in hopes of blowing his loads. Stationary in close to the hydraulic chair, Alexander gained a face-fucking motor plunged inside of his tight ass. Since having the car fucking his prostate, Alexander’s made to ingest Sebastian’s schlong when Vinsent milks something the seed from his uncut pecker.

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Extreme edging with advance bondage positions

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This is Elijahs maiden minute with KinkMen. He comes a chance of yoga thus we take charged favor of his flexibility. We start him off pegged to the bedstead and besotted with his thick rod pegged. Roaring in ecstasy we pet him, fellatio his boner and toes, edging him repeatedly as seminal-fluid drips from him. Elijahs tickled admire wild soon until he completes a former living. Hes after strapped in a poised yoga posture and edged again and more as he pleas to sperm. Head over heels and sucking boner, he ultimately blows his titan loads a instant being.

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Blond surfer dude gets edged in bondage for the first time

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Matthew Shades joins us on KinkMen for the maiden existence as we bind him up by the window. As we tear off the boy’s raiment we bind his rod and balls with leash as it grows dense and hard in our hands. Morgan’s tender nipples experience the sentiment of our tit suckers while Sebastian’s tongue drives his cockhead furious. Phiz down on the bed, we entering Morgan’s legs open to receive a tight up view of his noble backside. Once allowing a relaxing massage, Morgan’s flipped more on his back as Spencer propeles his feet in the boy’s fucking mouth for a legs sucking 69. We thereat shove the doublet up Morgan’s arce while hitachi’s press on his cockhead to de facto jostle him above the side. Finally, Michael swallows Sebastian’s hard rod as he blasts his load something again himself.

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Hung southern stud shoots a hot load in his mouth

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Well-hung southern stallion Zane Anders joins us for various edging episode as we peg him up and spread his eyes with a blindfold. His big, compact shaft bulges from his undies, aching for attention as Scott teases Zane with his tongue. Tit suckers are positioned on the southern stud’s teats till we jack him off with the fake hole before flexing him over and face-fucking his bum. Zane groans as we insert the fake-penis into his close bum till suspending him in the air. With Sebastian below neath, Zane swings back and ahead onto Sebastian’s mouth till he’s about to blow. Strapped down on the bed, the pegged stud’s meaty shaft oozes pre-ejaculate as we lick on his toes and jack his cock until throwing his legs again his bowler for various run at his ass. A vibrator screws against Zane’s prostate as stretches off a sex-frenzied load of jizz entire again his own face.

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Brendon Scott – Taken, Tied Up & Edged

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Thereat getting nailed out at the bus station, Brendon Skylar awakens to find himself tied up in sado-maso at the quarter of his perverted captors. They cover his fucking mouth with duct tape and rip away his clothing to go playing with his schlong. Brendon yells for assist just as tit suckers are seated on his teats but his yells for assist rotate to groans of pleasured then his shaft bowler is pressed up against the hitachi. The tied jock is after Becko over to swallow shaft as a dildo knocks Brendon up the arce. He’s after poised in mid-air, with dildo in boyhole as the two perverts milk a load outside of the boy’s aching schlong and please the hell out of him.

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Straight southern stud’s huge cock is almost too much to swallow

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Brandon Strowkes is a heated natural houseboy willing to try everything thereat. With Benjamin pegged standing and blindfold we have his schlong raging underneath his briefs. It doesn’t take prolonged for the hetero fellow to choose to fire his load as he screws Sebastian’s fucking mouth. We check outside Brian’s 22 year-old backside and rim it with a dildo. With his schlong yet difficult as a rock we nearly face-fuck the jizz outside of him but deny him repeatedly just to hear him beg. Utterly strung up we brink him to the Maxi and depart on to fuck his arse with the thrilling broomstick. Unfit to take anymore he gets down his load all over, and we finish him off with a fine schlong polishing and tickle torment.

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Connor Halsted shoots a load into his own mouth!

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We’re lucky to get uncut hunk Connor Halsted joining us on Homosexual on Edge this week. We start him off Benjamin more the horse as we barnacle him down narrow with a blindfolded through his eyes. Howling in ecstasy, Connor’s uncut rod throbs the closer we receive him to the edge as we apply toy since toy on his sensitive loaf. His foot are pegged up in the expanse so we can preferably feel his pink bum. Immediately permitting him a vibrator up his bum, we milk a fullness of semen exactly onto Connor’s physiognomy.

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Drop Dead Handsome – Super Straight – Big Cock – First Time on Video

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For his first being with various subject and first living on trailer, we welcome natural jock Atticus Chris. He’s a tiny nervous as we obtain undertaken thereby we quiet his nerves with a besotted around his eyes until we start teasing his attractive boner. He reaches nice and severe for us as we introduce him to the vibrating hitachi’s till Sebastian licks on the boy’s nipples. Atticus is since bind down in the chair, howling with delight as we jack his fuckstick off with the fleshlight. Steven walks just for Atticus’ attractive toes to drive him savage as he entreaties for us to permit him sperm. On the bedstead, we jostle a broomstick up the fixed stud’s butt when sucking on his dick horce-fuck. We now flip him on his back and thrust a ball barnacle in his mouth before introducing the penetration auto. As the auto flogs away on his hole, Atticus ultimately scavenges his load something again his stand until accepting post-orgasmic hurt.

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First Ever Men on Edge LIVE! – Slumber Party

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We’re getting our maiden ever Live Men on Edge slumber side, with Caleb Wilde as our basic attraction. As we’re speaking with the members we find out Daniel Knight is in the neighborhood and invite him over to join in on the contest. Christian’s fixed down to the bedstead as we tear remote his clothing and start teasing his gigantic rod. Dominic and Scott suck on Christian’s tender tits just as Van brings his schlong just to the side of ejaculate. With a touch jostled up his asshole, we milk a load outside of Christian’s pecker and surprise him with several post-orgasmic misery. After Devin is attachment us, we figured we’d bind up him up ensuing for everyone’s delight. Double hitachi’s crush against the stud’s cockhead as he begs and pleas for us to let him cum. Dylan’s since hanging in the space as we receive the spreading motor get up for his arce, caning away on his arce as Christian milks a fullness outside of the chap.

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