He’s treated to a long hard fuck






This boy needs to get used to being fucked in the gymnasium showers so a flagpole is inserted up his rectum and he’s treated to a long hard fuck. Any objection by Bobby is met with firm verbal chastisement. All his moaning earns him a gag around his mouth so that he can merely whine inside his mouth and bow his head with his dirty
blonde hair all tossled. His long luscious foreskin is clamped and attached to his shiny school shoes. Bobby’s only response can be to release large gaseous expulsions from his anus to which he’s treated with hard smacks from a big blunt cricket bat. To deal with all that pent up sperm, the boy is energetically milked so he creams
all over his clean black trousers. As punishment for making such a mucky mess his sensitive glans are rubbed all over with a vibrator in a way that is unbearably agonizing. He squirms against his restraints with all his might but can’t escape the grueling tickling sensation to his spent cock.

Enjoy how flogged and beaten!

Gay men fetish

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Boys in bondage sex

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Spanish sailors sailing stark naked

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Bdsm torture pics

014 015 With the chastity collar still firmly locked around his cock and balls there
is no way for the sub to get hard himself and he must think only of being the vessel of the top’s sadistic pleasure. Toby pushes the sub’s legs back and pounds him into the floor as he fucks. He sneers into the bottom’s face and gobs into it several times. Toby pulls out and moves around as if to sit on the sub’s quivering chest. He orders the sub’s mouth open and deposits his sticky spunk into it – the sub timidly swallows the thick spunk.

Hairy bear likes to be dominated

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Prisoner is brought into the wet room

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Prisoner is brought into the wet room where a sling hangs ready. He climbs in and Sir Pan proceeds to fuck him with a baton.

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