Muscled leather hunk / gay rubber fetish

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Vertically bind to a grid of chains, a blindfolded and muzzled Hugh Hunter waits his leathern Pro Domme
dominant, Trenton Ducati. gay rubber fetish.. Trenton eventually emerges from the shadows with a knout draped more his rotate in rags torco. Trenton bites down on Hugh’s obedient arse and reminds Hugh, “You’re my property today.” Trenton starts flagellation Hugh’s anus and torso. gay rubber fetish.. The relentless flogging admits Hugh a hard-on, thus Trenton inserts outside Hugh’s rod and obtains it savor a twirling leather lash on its pulsating loaf. Promising a surprise for his plaything, Trenton hauls outward a violet wand and edges Hugh just as the wand sparks above Hugh’s scrotums, chest and tongue. Hugh searches himself in a leash harness with his arms bound behind his back. Trenton manhandles his property’s thorax and reaches other taste of its schlong before leading outside the leathern thong. Once warming Hugh’s nipples, schlong and hole with the crop, Trenton pokes Hugh down for a flog rubber fetish.. Hugh gasps for space as Trenton assembles a clothespin fastening from torso to thigh. Trenton fixes the ends of the fastener to the smack and yanks Hugh into the space. Hugh yells for pardon as the clothespin rip away from his tender meat and Trenton crops away to the sounds of his yells. Trenton gained his stallion of beef stationary and Bent over between two posts as Trenton’s beefy shaft enters his narrow asshole. Hugh’s penetrated unsparingly until his dominant busts all his jizz and smears it everything again Hugh’s phiz. gay rubber fetish..

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