Lestard Forte grabs Jessie Colter to the restrain

Jacob Colter is alone showering the darkroom late at evening. Lestard Forte searches him and decides to spring a training scene on the impertinent new sub. He tests the boy’s endurance with the crop. Lestard captures pride in this stallion but needs to become him worth more than his looks. With two buckets tied to an bum hook Jonny must rest on as Lestard completes the buckets with weights, pulling the arse hook tighter with every drop. Jacob is hanging head over heels, pencil-dicked in a head stock with his tits clipped and screwed to the ground. Leo makes him suck his cock after with Jacob’s bum exposed gives him the electric butt peg and edges the houseboy. Chained to the iron bedstead Jesse obtains knocked by Luis just as the fucksall screws his mouth. Lestard flips the chap around and the fucksall whips Jacob’s arse before he’s mantled by his and Lestard’s loads.

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