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Leon Fox”The Masticator”Ht: 5’11” WT: 170lbs Season W/L record (0-0)Chris Bines”Mr Bad-Ass”Ht: 5’10” WT: 165lbsSeason W/L record (0-0) Leon “The Masticator” Fox got years and years of martial arts training below his swing, and this is his first-ever existence on NK. From MMA to Kung Fu his extensive background is surely single not to underestimate. Resisting against The Masticator is newcomer Chris “Mr Bad-Ass” Bines. Mr Bad-Ass may not earn formal training, but he’s grown up struggling and scrapping throughout the years and he’s more than confident in his street smarts. Also fighters receive very other fighting styles, as they run toe to toe which single will prove to be super? Masticator’s technical background or Mr Bad-Ass’ messy, aggressive fighting method? Also path only single be able to be the winner and it’s an entire outward fight for sexual glory and supervise.

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Sebastian is working outside at the gym while he markes stallion Colt Rivers skidding some weights. Quickly, Skylar searches Van trolling in the locker room and said him near the heated stud expected for them out. They pounce on Colt doggy-style and peg him down to the machines with duct tape coverage his face hole. The two pervs sever away Colt’s raiment and receive his tentum rock-hard, despite his efforts to resistance. His testicles are pegged down to the dumbbell as they jack off him with vibrator’s on his rod, edging him right until he’s prepare to blow. Standing with his arms behind his back, Colt’s edged once above until he’s suspension in mid-air and cooked to suck Sebastian’s schlong as Valantin milks him horce-fuck. With the rod in his mouth, Colt entreaties to jizz but vice the two gratify the underworld out of him and bound him down to the chair. The two hustle a oscillator up Colt’s asshole as Scott swallows the boy’s rough boner. Just immediately milking a loads outside of Colt’s schlong they ejaculate him off with petite bit post-orgasmic pained.


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In downtown San Francisco an art thief, Eli Hunter, attempts to sneak a painting outside of the gallery just as no one’s paying attention to him. As he becomes for the door, the boys notice the piece of art and tackle him down to the ground for trying to stealing from them. He beat and cries, but his fighting is futile as the swarm of chaps tear faraway his wear and gag him. He’s passed around as the grouping teaches him a lesson, spanking his asshole and tormenting him with the electric zapper. They cast the klepto down to his knees and rustle dicks down his throat until flexing him more for an backside spreading. They bonk him love a slobber roast before binding his hands and foot to the pillars and beating him for everyone’s amusement. Eli endures CBT as clover clamps are clipped everything more his ballocks and even on his tits. While the thief begs for quarter all the fellows allow him is shaft instead. Now getting plowed horce-fuck the nerds take their rotates blasting loads of sperm onto his mug.

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Slavemaster of the home Cameron Wilde told his renewed nerd, Colt Rivers to remove his high boots and idolize his toes. Mr Wilde jostles his feet in the boy’s mouth until coating his torso in clothespins and cropping each one off at a being. Christian thrusts his titan rod down Colt’s neck until stringing his hands up for a flagellation. Colt stands every blow as his penis stands raging tough. Hanging in the space, Colt ingests his master’s schlong as he’s tormented with the electric easy zapper. Mr Wilde admits his fresh slave a rigorous knock before allowing him a mug full of cum and ordering Colt to his knees to worship his master’s feet once above.


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John Colter”Cut-Throat”Ht: 6’2″Wt: 195lbsSeason W/L Record (1-3)Dirk Caber”The Claymore”Ht: 5’9″Wt: 200lbsSeason W/L Record (0-0)Jesse “Cut-Throat” Colter is back on the mat to improve his record but NK newcomer Devin “The Claymore” Caber is the single standing in his track, hoping not to notch a loss with his first-ever see. With 4 matches underneath his thong, Cut-Throat knows how the NK moment system works. And albeit Claymore brings several traditional wrestling experience, that obtains never tried to be an profit while you place butt lashing, ball grabbing, and schlong kissing inside the range of legal moves. Cut-Throat aims to win and plans on a pound bondage knock to goal outward the day. Claymore sees stuff differently, and can’t wait to get Cut-Throat stifling on his beefy shaft and after flashy for charity as he abuses the loser’s bum.

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The grouping cheers for their favorite fighters as they step onto the mat. Resisting in the blue corner is Joshua “Cut-Throat” Colter and Doug “The Destroyer” Acre drawing on throng purple, Hayden “The Swank” Richards and Rowen “The Jackhammer” J.R.. The wee guys from every bunch take a decision to walk away maiden, the horde cheers as they aggression at each various. The Destroyer has The Jackhammer to the ground and earns him in a narrow cradle. Cut-Throat earns the tag from his teammate and pounces on The Jackhammer, shoving his scrotums even as in his snout nose. As the rounds heat up something fighters depart screams to the wall to chassis up as plenty points feasible. Cut-Throat even earns a couple injuries but trembles them off admire a true warrior and continues to struggle with anything his rebellion. After three crach rounds the winners are marked as they argue their prizes, punishment and fucking the losing crowd before coverage them in jizz for everyone to watch!

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A throng of raunchy queer follow Richard O’Reilly as he grovels on his arms and knees up to the playspace at Mr S Leather. Randall’s halted in a tight crate as the chaps come him stroke all the rods that he be able to reach, zapping his arms anytime he earns lazy. After the guys take rotates fucking the caged hunk, Robert is cooked to crawl around sucking schlong. Ricky whores out his fucking mouth as four schlongs slave his phiz and face-fuck his throat. The boys since haul Robert above to the bonk incident, plowing his gaping backside as everyone pins him down. Ryan is after chained to the surly with his ballocks stationary to the floor as he tolerates a punishment with the crop. The lads tie him down in the suspend with a peg in his mouth as they line up to rustle their shafts up his bum. The grouping receives ergo hot that everyone blows their jizz anything over Randall’s torco and gained him cleanse their rods clean. They give the cum covered faq blow his own loads but only till getting a zipper ripped off his thoracic cage as shortly as he orgasms.