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Mikeal soon gets the beautiful Tanner tied to the stakes. Then decides to test the capacity of the young boys lungs and insists on some serious screaming.Tanner doesn’t meet the requirements so liberal application of the whip helps him along. Soon he is red, welted and screaming. Soon Mikeal has heard enough and tests the […]

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Take the free tour now! These handsome young Masters return to cause more damage to this feeble sub. The find him strapped to a bench and proceed to gob in his mouth, abuse him, spank him with a cane and piss in his mouth.

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Time for the real test of manhood. Locked down just enough to squirm, Mykul makes a few dozen finishing flogs on Brayland’s back and ass. Through this, the bitch knows what is coming — he has a unopened condom in his mouth. The fucking begins, hard and long. Visit BadBoyBondage Now!

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Watch All Videos Now! Now that his precious junk has been so strained, Ross is exceedingly grateful to get the pleasurable attention to his dick. He’s wanked and sucked till he’s aching for release. Unable to hold it in any longer, Ross releases a torrent of pent up sperm.

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At CMNM.net, having been double crossed, tough bodyguard Branislav has been stripped down naked. This proud man finds it humiliating enough being rendered defenceless and vulnerable to his gloating captors. Visit Clothed Male Naked Male site!

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Join Breeder Fuckers! All that rugby Mark plays has caused his muscular thighs to grow to the size of tree trunks. We want to see his legs in all their glory so suspend them akimbo leaving him just enough room to kick out and show us their full power. His arse is covered in nothing […]

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You never know what may happen once you’re tied up! At the Serious Bondage Institute, Bouncer Pup found this out when his friends strapped him into a Maxcita straitjacket and leg sack and secured him to a metal stretcher. The devious laughter of his captors should have been a clue to Bouncer that they had […]

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Watch More Fisting Scenes! When Dale Savage finds his employee, Brian Bonds, slacking on the job, he takes command and teaches Brian a lesson in hole stretching. He pulls Brian’s pants down and bends him over the table as he whips out his cock and pushes Brian’s face down into his crotch. Brian’s mouth feels […]

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More Gay Fisting Fetish Porn! After auditioning Noah, Teddy Bryce wants to see if Alex Killian has what it takes to move up from janitor to fisting performer at the theater. Alex is sure he can make the cut and starts by sucking Teddy’ big fat cock. He gets it all the way down his […]