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Master Josh fiercely fucks the fag

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Watching the worm sucking off his fellow Master excites Josh who soon has a rock-hard erection which the sub is ordered to gobble down. Then the tops harshly spit-roast the worthless young runt. With a big cock up his arse and another bashing into his mouth the sub can do nothing but take the punishment.

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EricDeman has posted the sexiest

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EricDeman has posted the sexiest new home video of a group of macho guys playing naked paint ball. They go all out for it, trying to psyche each other out by waving their cocks at each other. The stakes are high because the impact of a paintball to their sensitive parts will sting all the more. Download this and thousands of other hot home videos from!

Soon he is gonna look like a slut

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Gangsterfuck_201 20

Gangsterfuck_201 24

Gangsterfuck_201 25

The construction site chief is using the plastic foil to made him his personal bitch. Soon he is gonna look like a slut, with lipstick a nail polish he looks just awesome. Bit of cream is the cheery on the top and the action can start.


Alan Carly naked and cuffed

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In Airport Security Arny Donan and Marek Borek still have Alan Carly naked and cuffed. They have decided that he needs more action, this time some high voltage punishment. Using an old phone they ask him if he needs to call someone. Teasing him about the vibrator he was made to take earlier. Marek removes the handcuffs from one of Alan’s wrists, but then attaches it round his balls. Arny attaches some wires to it. They are also attached to the old phone, and when he turns the handle on the phone, a power surge shoots through Alan who yells out as he feels it.

Teasing his easily excitable big cock

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At, bearded Oscar is an ambitious junior executive. All his time is spent working late to impress the boss and when he’s out of the office he’s at the gym giving him a hard muscular body. He’s thrilled at the prospect of getting a promotion. But will he really go to any lengths to become the new office manager? Oscar is furiously embarrassed by the degrading way his colleagues “interview” him peeling off his suit, sniffing his masculine-smelling pits and teasing his easily excitable big cock.

Fucking and sucking

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What_the_Fuck_i2 22

What_the_Fuck_i2 24

What_the_Fuck_i2 25

What_the_Fuck_i2 27

What_the_Fuck_i2 29

And to make it more entertaining they use salt to make him scream so he is ready for what is coming now. Fucking and sucking.


Edged in the gym so long that he cums twice!

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Vinsent and Scott are sparring on the mat while they watch erotic janitor Nicholas Martin on his rounds. They lure Nikolay above as he volunteers to demonstarate them a few wrestling moves. Just till Nathan thinks he’s studies anything useful for the mat, Van and Scott turn the tables. They shut Nicholas inward close wrestling subs
stands and receive to job on his shaft. Nick entreaties to spunk when Valantin and Steven gag him in in the center of the ring and edge him again and above. His scrotums wound closely and bulging, Nick is prepare to blow, but his captors choose any more joy. They take him inside the locker crate for a minute round of seed denial. Scott got Nathan’s ballocks to the butting with a fleshjack and his fucking mouth. Vinsent tags into the play, jerking Nikolay while Steve adores the frustrated janitor’s toes. They gaud with Nathan’s narrow backside and treated him to a vibrating dildo and a prostate massager. The two finally give Nicholas to cum, and he eagerly accepts with geyser of cum. The afternoon of long edging yet leaves Nikolay lewd with a raging hard-on, thus he admits an encore loads.

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The lad and micropup (named not because of his petite stature but because of his micro-member) stool fixed to the soffit apart from single another. Gent told the youngster to footer micropup in the ballocks and the pup bounces off the walls to avoid the torture from the boy’s merciless high shoe. Gent joins in on the joy, taking turns attacking every of the prisoners.

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Sexy dude lick down his own shaft

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At a horny road worker demonstrates his self sucking skills when he’s on his break. See this sexy dude lick down his own shaft all the way to his balls!

He is gonna be humiliated

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Gangsterfuck_201 02

Gangsterfuck_201 07

Gangsterfuck_201 10

Lazy worker is being punished for his behaviour. He is gonna be humiliated and marked as gay.


High Voltage

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In a brand new category, High Voltage, we start with Lubos Koryz. He is shackled to a bench as a naked Mirek Ceslar arrives and begins to whip him. Mirek whips Lubos’ back, and then his legs and feet, before taking a chain and wrapping it around Lubos legs and neck, strapping him against the bench. Then he turns his attention to Lubos’ ass, inserting a probe into the hole, attached to a control panel. As he dial in the number the current surges through the wire to reach that hot ass. Lubos reacts by jerking as his ass feels the current pulsing. His body twitches, repeatedly as Mirek increases the current. Mirek takes the whip again and slashes at Lubos body and legs. Lubos continues to twitch as his hole feels the current entering him. He grimaces as he writhes, and also feels the whip landing on him.

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The top then pulls off his clothes

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The top then pulls off his clothes to reveal a muscular body and the crawling sub has to lick the Master’s stinking feet and suck his hard dick. When elliott doesn’t totally satisfy his Master he receives more painful blows and the sneering top finally spreads open his ass cheeks and orders the sub to push his tongue deep into
his hole.

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Painful blows which rain down on him

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What the Homo Fuck

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What_the_Fuck_i2 12

What_the_Fuck_i2 13

What_the_Fuck_i2 14
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He strips out of his tiny thong

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EricDeman has a video capturing a hot guy who has spent the night out partying and now that he’s home he’s decided to have a bath. He strips out of his tiny thong and flails about in the tub naked while his friends film him and catch him with his cock out!

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