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Connor Halsted shoots a load into his own mouth!

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We’re lucky to get uncut hunk Connor Halsted joining us on Homosexual on Edge this week. We start him off Benjamin more the horse as we barnacle him down narrow with a blindfolded through his eyes. Howling in ecstasy, Connor’s uncut rod throbs the closer we receive him to the edge as we apply toy since toy on his sensitive loaf. His foot are pegged up in the expanse so we can preferably feel his pink bum. Immediately permitting him a vibrator up his bum, we milk a fullness of semen exactly onto Connor’s physiognomy.

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Unwilling Onyx Recruit Mike Gaite – The Onyx & The Redz Series

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Adam Herst descends upon unsuspecting Onyx dogface Mitch Gaite, waste in a murky walkway. He chains him to a concrete wall and flogs him with a crop, commanding his muscled captives submission, since strips his garb and fellatios his thick rod right Mike pleas him to final. Adams renewed recruit detects himself Bent again a trash can with his hands chained behind his back and his enclothe wadded inward a plug in his mouth, as Aiden screws his solid crack. Adam immediately ties his conscript in belts and flogs him till making him fellatio his ideal schlong. Mikes once hooked and penned, and ultimately blows his raunchy loads till getting plowed over a crate that will ultimately be his prison. Aiden fills his recruits initiation by ejaculating his gigantic load on his snout nose and making him lick it peel.

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Lockup, Cell Extraction & Prison Gang Fuck

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In this epic BIP episode: The cells are crowded of loud, horny inmates and every stalker is keeping look. A further unpleasant inmate, Jeremy Stevens, is carried in. Jeremy is told to remove his wear and penetration his shanks for the undress search. The officers monitor his haired pink arse for any contraband or weapons. Just then he is cleared, the warden informs the officers that Jeremy is a “high-risk” sex criminal, and should be held in solitary confinement. Jeremy does enraged, shedding down to his undies, breaking apart his chamber and till the guards yell at him he tosses his pail of piss even as in their faces. Now the officers put on their riot gear and prepare for chamber extraction. Jeremy is wrestled down and prepared to lick shaft, gasping for air from one boner to the ensuing. Jeremy is penned by one of his fellow inmates when the officers pin him down. Rods are lined up the stairway as the guards each shag the prisoners mouth whole the way down his neck. The guards now take turns penetrating his tight hole single more living before blowing their fullness everything over his physiognomy and muscled torco.

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Alexander “The Great” Gustavo vs Dominic “The Dominator” Pacifico

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Dominic Pacifico”The Dominator”Ht: 5’7″Wt: 170lbsSeason W/L Record (1-2)Alexander Gustavo”The Great”Ht: 5’9″Wt: 150lbsSeason W/L Record (0-0) Back after gaining his first win against Kirk “Kick-Ass” Cummings, Dominic “The Dominator” Pacifico runs back for over curious abuse. His opponent is first-ever timer Alexander “The Great” Gustavo, a horny, ripped stallion with a background in jiu-jitsu. With his grappling background, Alexander The Gigantic is more than assured he’s leaving to let Pro Domme
dominant a third loss onto his record. Headmaster reaches near twenty pounds on the newcomer, and plans on wearing outward his opponent throughout everything three rounds before offending him in the porn round. Continue tuned to see who’s ass reaches shagged!

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What was supposed to be a quite serious forced workout episode turned inside a hyper-competative farce as the mostly stripped prisoners fail to single up each another through their places, stumbling on almost each exercise. Puppy is after poked to rest them moving by stinging their asses with a splendid carbon fiber shaft that receives them unleashing profanities as they try to carry pace.

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Drop Dead Handsome – Super Straight – Big Cock – First Time on Video

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For his first being with various subject and first living on trailer, we welcome natural jock Atticus Chris. He’s a tiny nervous as we obtain undertaken thereby we quiet his nerves with a besotted around his eyes until we start teasing his attractive boner. He reaches nice and severe for us as we introduce him to the vibrating hitachi’s till Sebastian licks on the boy’s nipples. Atticus is since bind down in the chair, howling with delight as we jack his fuckstick off with the fleshlight. Steven walks just for Atticus’ attractive toes to drive him savage as he entreaties for us to permit him sperm. On the bedstead, we jostle a broomstick up the fixed stud’s butt when sucking on his dick horce-fuck. We now flip him on his back and thrust a ball barnacle in his mouth before introducing the penetration auto. As the auto flogs away on his hole, Atticus ultimately scavenges his load something again his stand until accepting post-orgasmic hurt.

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Big Show & The Giant VS Cut-Throat & The Contender – Live Match!

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Brock “The Major Show” Anthony and Kip “The Giant” Johnson horde up against Jonny “Cut-Throat” Colter and Nick “The Contender” Capra for a brutally horny struggle of sensual rule. It’s no surprise with these four muscled hunks fighting for the right to face-fuck, that our audience attendance is at total capacity. Big Screen and Mammoth seem reasonably brash with youth on their brink, but Cut-Throat and Contender earn the best muscle-bound shampoo to their benefit. It’s non-stop force as these four studs fight scrotums to the wall and climax with an everything out fuck-fest, leaving the losers drenched in lustful seed.

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First Ever Men on Edge LIVE! – Slumber Party

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We’re getting our maiden ever Live Men on Edge slumber side, with Caleb Wilde as our basic attraction. As we’re speaking with the members we find out Daniel Knight is in the neighborhood and invite him over to join in on the contest. Christian’s fixed down to the bedstead as we tear remote his clothing and start teasing his gigantic rod. Dominic and Scott suck on Christian’s tender tits just as Van brings his schlong just to the side of ejaculate. With a touch jostled up his asshole, we milk a load outside of Christian’s pecker and surprise him with several post-orgasmic misery. After Devin is attachment us, we figured we’d bind up him up ensuing for everyone’s delight. Double hitachi’s crush against the stud’s cockhead as he begs and pleas for us to let him cum. Dylan’s since hanging in the space as we receive the spreading motor get up for his arce, caning away on his arce as Christian milks a fullness outside of the chap.

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With life to kill single of our convicted was to teasing the other’s rod, sometimes jacking merciless, sometimes teasing lightly. He squeezes and inserts his scrotums, polishes his loaf, and tickles his schlong.

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Public Whore Doused with Piss on the Folsom Stage

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It’s Folsom Street Townheaded 2014 and with the crowd howling, Jacob Durham creeps on stage in a puppy mask. With thousands of humans visiting on he’s abused and degraded by Trenton Ducati, enduring heated wax when he reaches clips on his tits and balls. With a puppy tail arse plug up his arse he’s urinated on by five horny studs while barking. We take the piss covered hog off the road to bitch him outward at a Folsom sex edge where he’s produced to suck visitors off and receive his hole penetrated. Begging for cum, Jacob’s snout nose is covered by schlong since rod and jerks his own fullness with a mug total of butt.

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Brand new straight stud gets his hard cock edged

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Natural hunk Owen Michaels joins us for the maiden life. Not only is he nerve not faraway having a lad touch his shaft, he too is sensation pretty neural about the bondage. To ease him in, we start Owen off standing at the cross, with a besotted around his eyes to soothe his nerves. It visibly Owen doesn’t mind the restrain as we notice his rough shaft begging to be played with. Since Brandon Forrest ingests the stationary stud’s rod, they twist Owen more and jostle a broomstick up his freshly shaved hole. He’s after tense up and suspended in the expanse as Brandon proceeds to edge him from lower. On the bed, Owen obtains the electric powered device jostled up his bum as he’s prepare to blow his load. We ultimately give our pegged jock seed everything more himself until driving his shaft psycho with few post-orgasmic ordeal.

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Abel “Armbar” Archer VS Brock “The Big Show” Avery

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Abel Archer”Armbar”Ht: 6’2″Wt: 185lbsSeason W/L Record (0-1)Brock Avery”The Massive Show”Ht: 5’9″Wt: 180lbsSeason W/L Record (1-0) Struggling in the blue trunks, since a devastating loss against Jessie “Cut-Throat” Colter we welcome back Abel “Armbar” Archer. And who shall stool in his path of redemption? In the purple trunks we gain Brock “The Massive Show” Austin. Enormous Demonstarate may not get succeeded in the Summer Smackdown Tournament this year, but in the regular season, he obtains yet to tarnish his record with a loss and he doesn’t plan on changing that at the moment. Armbar was the reach advantage but will his long limbs be rather to ensure victory? Or will Big Demonstarate receive another victory to his undefeated record and furiously chevelure Armbar into obedience?

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These prisoners are getting quite fond of every another. Both fighting to stay on the wee barracks bed they devour every other’s shafts, masturbating and profound throating admire mature friends or frat brothers.

“What do you have to offer, boy?”

Posted by on December 4, 2014 | Comments Off

Home slavemaster Caleb Wilde came through with bullwhip in arm, as Seamus O’Reilly presents prick and arse for his master’s pleasure. Mr. Wilde intends to undestand what is houseboy obtain to suggest. Not pleased with the boy’s answer, Mr Wilde whacks him with the leather thong until making Seamus gulp down his grave rod. Halted in a bird crate, Seamus takes little clover clamps attached whole down his body and on his scrotums till enduring electric shocks from Christian’s zapper. Pegged in rope, Seamus is tossed onto the bed for a hard entering before Mr Wilde flips him again to have a physiognomy absolute of hot seed.


The Brutal Annihilation of Sebastian Keys

Posted by on November 28, 2014 | Comments Off

You’ve seen Skylar Keys body bag
spank on BG and BIP. You earn never seen a houseboy walk away across such special verbal. Sebastian Keys is a cheeky police stalker who gained taken down by a horde of raunchy fagot in a public toilet. Spencer Reed and Richard Sinz adduce the throng in the most busy throng bang ever in whole of KinkMen history and possibly the web. Reduced to zero, Skylar receives beaten, tossed around admire a rag doll and shagged beyond his phantasy. This best bottom tolerates perverse skied ball paraffin, strict rough usage, a kulak to his crack, domination, twofold spread and a face all of pee and spunk. This is rare and boundary pushing event. It is not often a body bag
spank is victimized to this cool.

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