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A Messy Edging For Dylan

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Caught In Deacon’s Wanking Web

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Naked Kombat’s Summer Smackdown Tournament – Elimination Round 4

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The elimination rounds of our Summer Smackdown Tournament are visiting to an stop, so far, John “Cut-Throat” Colter, Eli “The Hammer” Hunter & Mitch “The Machine” Vaughn gain everything supervised their postures in the charity ultimate rounds, but only single expanse remains. Become in muscled gods, Marcus “Titan” Ruhl & Billy “The BodySlam” Santoro leaving toe to toe for sensual dominancy. With overall muscle on their brink, these two hunks imagine they every gain what it has to robbery the gold belt this year. Huge may earn the weight profit on his opponent but BodySlam is again than assured his vicious leg locks will win him the victory this have fun. Which of these hunks will prove to be the victor and motion single step nearer to earning the title of champion? Till the various gets his ass manhandled outward of the tournament with a face crowded of jizz.

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Poor Leo Gets His Ass Used

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Ashton Loves His Foot Fucking Scene

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Russian soldier captured and edged deep in the woods

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Our American soldiers, Van and Sebastian receive subordinated everything of the Russian rebels, but one remains at wide. They search high and low, profound in the wood before ganging up on the Russian bunch leader, Valentin Petrov, and fast tying him up between two trees. They remove his enclothe and masturbate his uncut rod while it’s standing at attention. Despite his antagonize, Valentin can’t facilitate but get his shaft to the side as they masturbate him with the shaky hitachi’s. It doesn’t take long before the pegged jock is begging to sperm. Ensuing, he’s suspension in a circle of trees as a dildo is shoved up his tight boyhole. While driving the toy profound inward the russian’s butt, the american invaders milk a huge load out of Valentin’s uncut rod, before definitive him off with post-orgasmic trouble.

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The pee-shy toy-prisoner is chained down via from his cellmate and commands that they would remain tied before he summons the courage to pee but when inspiration fails to adduce the rain he and his companion undertake to pass the living. Both merciless and frustrated they inspect the restraints of their chains and find that they are both scarcely within reach of every other.

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Slave Boy Made To Squirt

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The Creepy Handyman ties his new victim up and fucks him senseless

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Chap ensuing room Micky Mackenzie showers off in the locker cell before Adam Herst sneaks up doggy-style and became the chap captured. Micky battles to earn free but the leash around his body is pegged also close for anybody luck of withdraw away. Mr Herst licks on the boy’s sadistic dick before running him over with the riding crop. A beating is following in shop for the pathetic houseboy as his captor mercilessly hits his boyhole. Pegged down on the bed, Micky is tormented even over with a flogging as he bites down on the leash plug in his face hole. Mr Herst plunges his major rough rod profound in the houseboys backside until leaving the lad with a mug whole of semen.

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Hung Sean Has A Twink To Own Scene

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Hardcore Prisoner Abuse

Posted by on September 23, 2014 | No comments

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Stud with big fat cock gets extreme water torment

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The Chair – Youngster ensuing flat, Devin Knight awaits his maiden protest as Van ties him tight to the bench. Dylan’s raging tough shaft stools at attention as he’s warmed up with the riding leather thong against his torso before pegs are painfully fixated whole down his torso. The chained stud touches across the torment as more are clamped down onto his scrotums till Vinsent crops each one off. – The Pit – Movement onto his time object, Dominic balances on timber blocks as the leather lash rains down against his beef. Weights are since added onto his nipples and sensitive scrotums as he’s relentlessly manhandled down. – The Aqva Crate – Inverted over the bathtub, Daniel is hackneyed with the knout then more before he’s repeatedly dunked in the aqva to muffle his bawls. Thereat enduring an intensive water boarding, Dylan’s instigated with single more task, he must blow his load if he chooses to successfully fully his 30MT Rebel.

Big-Dicked Bound Boy

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Naked Kombat’s Summer Smackdown Tournament – Match 3

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In the third have fun of The Summer Smackdown Elimination Round we’ve pitted Brock “The Massive Show” Austin against Mitch “The Machine” Vaughn. Both Kombattants penetrate the ring confidently with promises of lewd fullness coating the faces of the loser, but only single will goal up on largest at the round’s completion. The Big Show’s NK experience, love that far, gained mostly become from Tag Mob match-ups. He receives only single displaying in singles, albeit it was a rough handed victory for the green stallion. The Motor, on the another hand, obtains actually been on a lustful streak in the regular season, making this tournament appearance with only single loss underneath his belt. The Major Display aims to prove that his lack of one-on-one preparedness is a non-issue, but The Motor earns actually gotten his bowler around the sport. With caliber to his profit, The Motor looks to dominate his impertinent opponent and move one step nearer to living named champion.

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The master yanks those pegs free

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