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Late at evening, weary by a day of match, the jailed needs to receive several release. What starts off as highly casual stroking turns into a famished whacking bearing to a great ejaculate.

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Hot captive with a 10 inch cock

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Branden Forrest walks up to the urinals and notices hung jock Doug Acre drawing a urine. Till Doug obtains creeped outward, he heads for the door before Brenn distorts him doggy mode and soon calls Sebastian more to join in on the pull. They receive Doug’s titan beefy fuckstick splendid and severe before teasing him with shaky hitachi’s just as he’s get up to blow. Doug’s since Brandon more as Brenn and Scott push his butt and let his arse a well penetrating with a machine. Tied down on the bedstead, Doug begs his captors to let him seed but they right shut him up with Branden’s uncut dick down his throat until placing tit suckers on his teats. After tormenting the boy’s nips, Branden milks entire the semen from Doug’s aching rod until final him off with strained post-orgasmic trouble.

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“Return of the Champion” – Summer Smackdown: 1st Semi Final Match

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Mylo “The Machine” Vaughn gained tried himself victorious throughout the tournament thereby distant. Now, as he moves inside the semi end rounds, he must snout nose the maiden Summer Smackdown Champion Leroy “TheForce” Forte. Just immediately existence crowned champion, TheForce isn’t going to admit up the gold thong without single inferno of a fight and is willing to battle anybody who challenges. With the weight profit on his edge, Motor hopes to apply his superior resistance to dominate his opponent on the mat and theft that lanyard even as from lower him. The stakes are quite and their asses are on the line, will TheForce manage to retain his title? Or will The Car overcome and move single step nearer to winning the championship?

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Seth Santoro – Beaten, Fucked and Beaten again

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The Pit – Scott Santoro thinks he receives what it was to make it through 30 Moments of Ordeal, thereby he starts off with his hands chained more his bowler just as Valantin pulls down on his scrotums. The muscled stallion yells at the dominant of his lungs once the leather thong and bamboo birch is carried out, before movement on to his minute protest. – The Bench – Sten is chained down to the bench with a fake-penis in his backside to hold him in home. A row of harsh clothespins are pinched via his torso as Van torments him with the electrical zapper. Sean is brought to his threshold now the clothes pegs are taken off and his sensitive thorax is battered with the leathern lash. – The Gimp Station – Poised in the air, Seth’s produced to gulp down the gimp’s rough boner till enduring a whipping to his asshole. His trouble carries as the gimp rams his schlong profound into Seth’s bum before coating his phiz with spunk. As recompense for completing the 30 Point Challenge, Sebastian gets to blow everything the semen out of his aching prick.

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Officer Maguire beats and fucks a stud for littering

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German hunk Alexander Gustavo is carried in by Sirdar Maguire with handcuffs around his carpus. Branden above the desk, Alexander is stripped naked for a full check-up before he’s cooked to ingest the officer’s merciless tentum. Arms over his pot, the german stud is sheer tied in leash as Soldier Maguire nears with leather lash in hand. He pitilessly whips his jailed down, from front to back as he cries from the pain, until he’s tugged off to the electricity bench. Fixed in close, Alexander stands the officer’s pain with the zapper just as an electric light bum barnacle pulses in his crack. After a pound chevelure, Hero Maguire spreads his prisoner’s mug with cum until getting him lick off every drop.


Relentlessly flogged, drenched in cum and tickled to the extreme!

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Cafe whore Corbin Dallas is adduce up a stairway of shaft, masturbating tentum in each arm just as shoving schlong after shaft down his throat. After doing the job a fullness of spunk onto his snout nose, Corbin’s pegged down on the pub, with a ball gag muffling his shouts, as lustful gay take rotates fucking the boy’s close backside. He yells in misery as heated suppository paraffin is rained something above his chest before he’s carried to the center of the room for a smacking. The throng cheers as Corbin is kicked above and again while everything the lob paraffin is flung from his body. After whole, the pothouse whore’s pegged down on his back as the gang circles around him to cover him with entire their cum. Now the boy’s drenched with strangers’ loads, the horde milks his baton as well and culmination him off with a relentless tickling.

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A Messy Edging For Dylan

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Caught In Deacon’s Wanking Web

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Naked Kombat’s Summer Smackdown Tournament – Elimination Round 4

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The elimination rounds of our Summer Smackdown Tournament are visiting to an stop, so far, John “Cut-Throat” Colter, Eli “The Hammer” Hunter & Mitch “The Machine” Vaughn gain everything supervised their postures in the charity ultimate rounds, but only single expanse remains. Become in muscled gods, Marcus “Titan” Ruhl & Billy “The BodySlam” Santoro leaving toe to toe for sensual dominancy. With overall muscle on their brink, these two hunks imagine they every gain what it has to robbery the gold belt this year. Huge may earn the weight profit on his opponent but BodySlam is again than assured his vicious leg locks will win him the victory this have fun. Which of these hunks will prove to be the victor and motion single step nearer to earning the title of champion? Till the various gets his ass manhandled outward of the tournament with a face crowded of jizz.

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Poor Leo Gets His Ass Used

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Ashton Loves His Foot Fucking Scene

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Russian soldier captured and edged deep in the woods

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Our American soldiers, Van and Sebastian receive subordinated everything of the Russian rebels, but one remains at wide. They search high and low, profound in the wood before ganging up on the Russian bunch leader, Valentin Petrov, and fast tying him up between two trees. They remove his enclothe and masturbate his uncut rod while it’s standing at attention. Despite his antagonize, Valentin can’t facilitate but get his shaft to the side as they masturbate him with the shaky hitachi’s. It doesn’t take long before the pegged jock is begging to sperm. Ensuing, he’s suspension in a circle of trees as a dildo is shoved up his tight boyhole. While driving the toy profound inward the russian’s butt, the american invaders milk a huge load out of Valentin’s uncut rod, before definitive him off with post-orgasmic trouble.

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The pee-shy toy-prisoner is chained down via from his cellmate and commands that they would remain tied before he summons the courage to pee but when inspiration fails to adduce the rain he and his companion undertake to pass the living. Both merciless and frustrated they inspect the restraints of their chains and find that they are both scarcely within reach of every other.

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Slave Boy Made To Squirt

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The Creepy Handyman ties his new victim up and fucks him senseless

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Chap ensuing room Micky Mackenzie showers off in the locker cell before Adam Herst sneaks up doggy-style and became the chap captured. Micky battles to earn free but the leash around his body is pegged also close for anybody luck of withdraw away. Mr Herst licks on the boy’s sadistic dick before running him over with the riding crop. A beating is following in shop for the pathetic houseboy as his captor mercilessly hits his boyhole. Pegged down on the bed, Micky is tormented even over with a flogging as he bites down on the leash plug in his face hole. Mr Herst plunges his major rough rod profound in the houseboys backside until leaving the lad with a mug whole of semen.

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