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underground sex pic

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Creepy voyeur Griffin is roughly dragged into the police station after being caught playing with himself in the park and soon discovers he’s in good company, but the other perverts aren’t his fellow prisoners, but the guards keeping him locked up! They quickly strip Griffin and begin stroking and edging his gorgeous cock as he struggles in the ropes holding him tightly to the side of his cell, teasing him with hitachis and laughing at his screams. Next Griffin finds himself gagged and tied naked to his metal cot, squirming in agony and ecstasy as his cock is subjected to sucking, ball bondage and even the vibrating cock sheath – but still he never reaches climax as he is denied and mocked over and over again by his tormentors! Soon the dick on a stick finds it’s way into Griffin’s tight ass and he is fucked and sucked relentlessly until he finally blows his massive load all over himself and is left tied up and covered in his own cum, wriggling in his unforgiving bondage and knowing it’s only a matter of time until someone else decides to come in and use him for their own twisted fantasies. underground sex pic..

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Muscled pig slave

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gay bdsm orgy party

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We start Tyler off bound in the chair, his hard cock exposed as clothespins are placed all over his torso. The bound stud gets a taste of the riding crop before having each clothespin individually ripped from his flesh.The Pit – Drooling from the ball gag, Tyler flexes his muscles as Sebastian wails on him with the flogger from front to back. Just when he gets a moment to catch his breath, Tyler has clover clamps pinching on his balls before enduring a grueling double flogging to finish.The Gimp Room – Tyler’s stretched out on the back breaker, while enduring a barrage of torment from the electric zapper. His mouth is pried open as our gimp rams his hard cock down the boy’s throat. Tyler then stretches his hole for a good ass pounding before blasting a huge load of cum all over his chest and suffering through a painful apple polishing. gay bdsm orgy party..


gay leather jacket

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Brenden is not done with showing his dark twisted fantasy to his boy toy Axel, Brenden has new toys for him to try out and Axel must take a few dildos up his nice ass. gay leather jacket..

gay bdsm leathermen

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But his boss Jaxton has other plans for his handsome muscular employee; who has yet to settle up with Jaxton for the very generous loan he was given. Alexander knows he has no choice but to submit to Jaxton’s demands, and before long he’s down on all fours with his tight toned ass up in the air worshipping Jaxton’s leather boots and bare feet, soon moving up to suck Jaxton’s fat cock while being cropped mercilessly. Next Jaxton strings Alexander up by his wrists and torments his gorgeous uncut cock, slapping and smacking it before hanging heavy ball weights from clover clamps latched tight on Alexander’s balls and then flogging him from all sides with a hefty flogger while Alexander struggles not to move, lest he bring more pain to his aching junk. Finally Jaxton decides it’s really time for some compensation and splays Alexander out on a leather horse and fucks his hot tight ass relentlessly until Alexander can’t take it any more and blows his thick load all over himself, and Jaxton is soon to follow, blasting Alexander’s blindfolded face with buckets of cum and leaving him naked and spent with even more mess to clean up before he can close up the shop. gay bdsm leathermen..


handcuffed boy bdsm

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He’s bound to the windows as Sebastian teases Mike’s bulging dick. Feeling the sensation of our tit suckers on his nips, Mike’s driven to ecstasy as a cock sleeve slides up and down his hard cock. Van and Sebastian bend over the muscled stud to take a look at his juicy ass, plunging a dildo deep in his hole as they bring him right to the edge. Mike can’t stand the tickle torment that ensues on the bed, but the tight bondage is no match for his squirms for escape. After shooting a hot load all over his stomach, Mike thinks he’s in the clear, but we surprise him with one more round of tickling before sending him on his way! handcuffed boy bdsm..

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gays in leather

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Axel is in for some more sex driven pain! He likes it and he loves it, Brenden is more than just excited but ecstatic to please Axel in this 20 minute episode! gays in leather..

underground gay guy

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naked guys fighting

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JJ Knight returns for his third match and he’s brought all 10 inches of his fat cock with him. After losing two matches in a row, JJ needs this victory to avoid a humiliating punishment. Standing in JJ’s way is hot newcomer Scotty Zee. He may have a cute smile and the boy-next door look, but Scotty’s more than ready to give his opponent a devastating third loss. JJ tries to use his long body to his advantage by wrapping up his opponent but Scotty’s endurance proves to be a challenge. He slams his opponent to the mat and chases JJ’s fat cock with his mouth in order to score more sex points. Bondage, tape gags and humiliation lie in store for the loser before having cock slammed down his throat. The punishment continues as the loser takes a rough fucking from behind and cum blasted all over his face. naked guys fighting..

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gay leather new york

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Ryann Ruckers finishes night of terrorizing Chris Wayne by making him to jack off as he watches from afar. Chris Wayne has a huge cock and Ryann wants to see him work it. gay leather new york..

violent gay bondage

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bdsm gay young

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His nightmare becomes reality as the muscled hunk is bound and at the mercy of his ghoulish tormenters. Despite his cries for help, his captors work their mouths all over his body and bring his fat, aching cock to the point of ecstasy. Jaxton has his feet and armpits worshipped before his ass is violated with fingers and toys. Begging for release, Jaxton finally shoots his load all over his chest and endures a painful post orgasmic torment. But his suffering has only begun as Jaxton’s left, sewn up inside of the mattress, begging for mercy. bdsm gay young..

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man bdsm sex

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Chubby roped genitals pics

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Straight Hunk – Solid Muscle – bdsm gay guy

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After a brief warmup with punches and smacks, Jordan receives the cropping of a lifetime. THE PIT – Unforgiving black ropes bind Jordan in place as he stands exposed in the middle of the pit, awaiting more punishment. Sebastian flogs him mercilessly, raining hits down on Jordan’s muscular chest, abs and gorgeous meaty ass, before placing clover clamps on Jordan’s nipples and tying them overhead, effectively rendering him motionless as each smack of the flogger worsens the pull of the clamps on his nipples. Jordan continues to play the tough guy, but will being hoisted into the air and flogged finally break him?THE ELECTRIC CHAIR – Jordan has never played with electricity before, so Sebastian is even more motivated to show him the wide range of torments that electrical toys have to offer. Strapped in place, Jordan squirms and struggles as the electrodes on his thighs send shockwaves up into his body – he can only watch in horror as Sebastian runs the violet wand across his legs and into his tight hole before zapping him repeatedly with the terrifying cattle prod. Finally, Jordan receives a brutal fucking from the Shockspot with the electrodes still strapped to his legs, and blows a huge load all over the machine as it pounds deep into his ass. bdsm gay guy..



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